Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Security Firm Operates in Israel and Lebanon Simultaneously

G4S in Tel Aviv and BeirutG4S is a multinational security firm that operates in the Zionist entity guarding the Israeli jails and in Lebanon by providing protection services to governmental and financial institutions.
In Tel Aviv lies the central branch of the firm where all the data collected from the other branches, including the one located in Beirut, is gathered.
The firm which is describes as the largest private army in the world has been involved in torturing the Arab prisoners at the Israeli jails.
It is worth noting that the UK Labor Party has deactivated its contract with G4S that used to guard its conferences for leaking major information about them.
For all the reasons mentioned above, Lebanese experts have recommended that the government should deactivate the contracts signed with G4S.
Source: Al Manar TV
01-03-2016 – 22:08 Last updated 01-03-2016 – 22:09

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