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ALEPPO:  Khanaassir and Athariyyaa are liberated.  The army is moving east as more reinforcements are pouring in, many being volunteers from the recently liberated towns of Al-Zahraa` and Nibbul – with thousands from the Latakia and Tartous areas.  Yesterday, the Syrian Army cleared out the village of Faah to the tumultuous celebration of the inhabitants who have had to live under the noisome oppression of unclean heretics and cannibals, all belonging to Saudi-created groups touting a Wahhabist message of ignorance.  The army is now combing the area for mines and IEDs and will not invite inhabitants back until all booby-traps and other terrorist devices have been destroyed.
Reports coming to us from inside Aleppo City mention the imminent collapse of Al-Raashideen Quarter’s defenses under the weight of constant SAAF, SAA and RuAF bombardment.  Terrorist chatter collected by the SAA-MI people demonstrates a concomitant collapse in morale and esprit de corps among the devil-worshiping slugs still infesting the area.   Threats of leaving positions and joining the government’s offensive have been met with threats to kill families in Reyhanli – outright blackmail and extortion which establishes the ineluctable conclusion that the terrorists have reached their very bottom.
There are even reports in the media about ISIS considering leaving the Fertile Crescent in order to relocate in Libya where they may have a better chance of surviving given the relatively impotent enemy they would have to face in the French whose government is falling apart and the British whose prime minister verging on prosecution for accepting bribes and covering up war crimes.

Al-Baab:  This is ISIS’s most important HQ in Aleppo and it was bombed heavily yesterday and today.  It is imperative that this area be cleared of rodents before the assault on Al-Raqqa begins.  Wael reports a large number of vehicles destroyed in pin-point assaults by the SAAF yesterday.  It is only a matter of a short time.
With the army concentrating on closing the border with Turkey, the air forces of Syria and Russia are bearing most of the brunt in Homs Province.  This is a wild and wooly territory containing some of Syria’s most valuable economic assets, and I’m not talking about oil or gas, which are nigh depleted;  I am talking about Palmyra (Tadmur) which is one of the country’s most prized tourist sites.
Al-Qaryatayn:  Under enormous pressure to cleanse this area of ISIS, the government is spending millions of lira to continue the bombardment of ISIS positions here.  Yesterday, based on terrorist chatter, the SAAF was successful in destroying 2 nests and 3 pickups with 23mm cannons aboard.

Heavy bombardment over these areas by the SAAF:  Palmyra (HQ destroyed), Umm Sahreej, South and North Al-Shindaakhiyya, ‘Unq Al-Hawaa, East of Jubb Al-Jarraah.
The  Saudis and Turks, not satisfied with their creation of misery throughout the Near East, are fixing their eyes on Lebanon, again:
Time to say “goodbye” to Erdoghan:
Planet of the Apes redux.  The Saudis call in the favor from Pakistan and acquire nuclear weapons:
Brandon analyzes the Saudi pipedream of invading Syria:

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