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Both in Syria and Lebanon, the thousands of Scud Bs, Cs, and, especially, Ds, are stored underground to prevent detection and, ergo, preventive strikes – almost always by the Zionist Obscenity.  If Hizbollah has over 100,000 missiles in Lebanon, aimed at Occupied Palestine, imagine what the Syria Army has.  After all, it is the Syrian Military Industrial Network which provides HZB with 80% of its missiles – and their guidance systems.  Iran provides the other 20%.
In caves and professionally-dug subterranean storage facilities, these strategic weapon, fully mechanized on their platforms,  are ready to be launched at anyone who invades Syria with a conventional army.  Here are more facts for your consideration:
As we have written, there is no real Saudi Army south of the Iraqi border and southeast of the Jordanian frontier.  There were maneuvers consisting of battalion-strength units made up of mostly retired Egyptian, Moroccan, Sudanese and Pakistani soldiers who were being paid a handsome sum for their participation.  But, as we showed our readers in a translated document forwarded to Prince Muhammad bin Naayif, the heir apparent and Minister of the Interior, by members of Saudi Arabia’s highest echelon officers, the maneuvers were a disaster and the officers openly warned of serious consequences to the kingdom if the government went ahead with its plan to invade Syria.  It is worthy of note that the heir apparent is locked in a battle for survival with the king’s imbecile son, Muhammad bin Salmaan.
“Prince Muhammad bin Salmaan, Saudi Defense Minister and congenital idiot, flashes for the public to the obvious approbation of American dunderhead and Secretary of Defense,  Ashton Carter.
We can go even beyond that.  According to our sources in Damascus, the entire plan to invade Syria is viewed as some kind of running gag.  The logic goes like this:  If the Saudis had such an army capable of fighting a resourceful and experienced army like that of Syria’s, why is Saudi Arabia enmeshed in a catastrophic and endless war in Yemen, the Arab World’s most impecunious nation?  Russian “Sat-Int” also has provided deep insight into the ill-fated Saudi plan to assault Syria’s underbelly.  The Russian position is that the Saudi mercenary army cannot move 5 kilometers into Iraq without being exterminated by Syria’s yet-to-be-deployed SCUDs.  This is not even to mention the use of newly refurbished fighter-bombers under the umbrella of Russian MiG 31B Foxhounds and the Sukhoi-35S, both air supremacy aircraft.  The Saudis have been told by the U.S. not to engage the Yemenis.  They must have also been told not to lock horns with the much more powerful Syrian Army and its allies, Iran and Russia.
Taking a lesson from the effects of a worldwide decline in oil prices; their own imminent bankruptcy; their genetically programmed ineptitude, the Saudis have embarked on a lightning campaign to convince the world of the righteousness of their cause.  A few days ago, the much-maligned, much-sexually-abused foreign minister and “ghulaam”, ‘Aadil Al-Jubayr, flew to the Zionist Abomination to meet with members of the military command, MOSSAD and even, the slimy, unctuous and corpulent Lithuanian rodent, Benjamin Mileikowski (a/k/a “Netanyahu”) to coordinate plans to invade Syria.  This visit comes after a Zionist delegation traveled to Riyaadh to discuss strategy with the apes of that country.  We don’t know what the Zionists have told the meat-headed Saudi barbarians, but, it must have involved either diplomatic finesse or a demand for more money than the Saudis could borrow.  Note also that King Salmaan intends to visit Vladimir Putin in the next few days to discuss how the Russians are going to annihilate the army of clowns he plans to send into Syria.
The Zionist Settler State has much to consider.  For starters, HZB  has the ability to strike deep into Occupied Palestine hitting congested industrial areas.  The Zionist missile defense system, the Iron Dome, is not capable of tracking scores of missiles fired at the same time.  This is the essence of both the SAA’s and HZB’s strategy, to wit:  overwhelm the Zionist air defense system with more objects than the enemy radar can track.  Notice how Hamas, firing volleys of its Qassam missiles, as prehistoric as they are inaccurate, into southern Palestine manage to always reach Zionist territory although some rockets are sacrificed as distractions for the Iron Dome system.  Studies of the Zionist air defense constellation have not been particularly encouraging and the average settler will have to plan many weeks underground as Syrian-made SCUDs and FROGs descend upon their counterfeit state like an unending maelstrom of metal and fire. And as they sit and wait for the bombings to stop, they will have to consider the over 50,000 commandos who are going to simultaneously penetrate Zionist borders to finish up what the missiles couldn’t.
Prince Muhammad bin Naayif, the Heir Apparent and Minister of the Interior, is practically under house arrest by orders of Muhammad bin Salmaan.  His “Ministry of the Interior” has been redefined to include the courtyard to his home.  Many Saudi family members are enraged by his marginalization.
Muhammad bin Salmaan, cannot go on with his charade.  His military policies are patently disastrous and reflect the mindset of an individual besotted by alcohol, advanced syphilis and amphetamines – not to mention hysteria and vainglory.  He has been told that there has to be a “coalition” to support the non-existent Saudi military force.  But, this coalition can’t be some rickety Rube Goldberg machine whose moving parts are Somali imbeciles, Pakistani mendicants or Egyptian orchard guards – no! – this coalition has to involve a real army capable of facing the full wrath of Iran, HZB, Syria and Russia.  This is no walk in the park.  It is the end of the Saudi regime.
Dr. Assad has given the order to prepare for a “devastating counterattack against Saudi Arabia using all capabilities”.  This means that Syria will begin utilizing its vast arsenal of ground-to-ground missiles.  That is the “surprise” the Arab media is talking about although they don’t know specifically what the surprise really is.  There are massive underground warehouses, each the size of 5 airplane hangars with thick metal gates opening up on to the Damascus Plain where the warheads of the missiles have Palestinian cities painted on them.  This time, if the Zionists and Saudis make this lethal mistake, missiles named Haifa, Jaffa, Jerusalem, Al-Khaleel, Nubulus, Jineen, Tool-Karm and Gaza will fall from the sky with a type of explosive the Zionist derelicts have never seen.  The Saudis will buckle instantly after the first strike.  The Zionists will have to deal with their failed state as they rancorously bellow out threats of nuclear retaliation.  It is here that Russia will insure no such response as its nuclear submarines are readied to deliver the deterrent which will end the suffering and subjugation of the Palestinian people once and for all.
The Saudis are flummoxed.  They just don’t know what to do about this cease fire.  Their major allies, ISIS and Nusra/Alqaeda, are exempted from the cease fire and are viewed by the Russians and Syrians as fair game.  The Saudis are watching Jaysh Al-Fath, whose capo, Zahraan ‘Alloosh,  was recently rendered into a fine puree, reduced to quivering sheep some of whose eyes are fixated on a possible Amnesty from the government.  The Saudis, clearly unable to understand how they can’t get their way after buying their wish-list for decades from wishy-washy, morally flaccid and whore-like hedonists, are suddenly without friends – the United States having opted for the war against ISIS and avoidance of a new world war whose endgame would be an apocalypse.
Their only allies are Turkey, a nation teetering on the brink of a new internal cataclysm brought on by policies calculated to enrich a few Islamist plutocrats; and the Zionist Ghetto State, whose primary axiom of survival can be summed up with the all-American expression:  “I don’t stick my neck out for nobody”.   With little money to go around these days, the Saudis, whose brains are addled by exposure to constant air conditioning, can find no instrument to effectuate their self-destructive political/military strategy – if there was one to begin with.
No, my friends, there is no huge army on the Iraqi border (my sources say it is about 24,000 total) and there are only 4 Saudi jets flown into Incirlik.  The Yemeni freedom fighters are on the verge of establishing total control over Ma`rib Province with Saudi-backed troops reeling from incessant defeat.  The Saudis have resorted now to a “scorched earth” policy in a country, like Yemen, which was already scorched by years of mismanagement and a population addicted to Qaat.  And, yet, they can’t secure one single victory as evidenced by the silence in the Western media over the entire fiasco.  In the meantime, the Russian Army continues to mass on Armenia’s border with Turkey.  ZAF
Ibrahim Abdul-Rashid sends this eye-opener about the Saudis and their miscalculations:
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