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The Venezuelan ‘Judas’ and the Death of Hugo Chavez

[Ed. note – The US seems to have given up–at least for now–on its regime change efforts in Syria. The Syrians were lucky. They found a strong ally in Russia, which has totally thwarted the US drive to topple the country’s independent and democratically elected leader. On the other hand, the Venezuelans are going it alone, or again, at least for now, that seems to be the case. Not surprisingly, we see the US now reinvigorating its drive to bring regime change to the Latin American country that has been a thorn in its side since 1999. The US orchestrated a coup in 2002, but President Hugo Chavez was reinstated by the Army and the people. As the article below makes clear, Chavez’s death from cancer in 2013 is widely thought to have been the result of an act of betrayal by one of his aids–a man now living in the U.S. ]
 photo salazar_zps2rzhrpaw.jpgBy Nil Nikandrov
The journalist Eva Golinger (US – Venezuela) has repeatedly questioned the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. The website aporrea.org quotes her statement:
«Everything that Washington was trying to achieve during the administration of Hugo Chávez is today being realized in his absence. The cancerous illness from which Chávez suffered was unusually aggressive and suspicious, and every day turns up more evidence that it is possible Chávez was murdered».
The first signs of cancer were found in Chávez in May 2011. In June he underwent two surgeries at a specialized center in Havana. His Cuban surgeons found and removed a malignant tumor that had metastasized with sinister persistence, despite all preventive measures. New operations were needed. This athletic man, who was full of strength and physically robust, passed away on March 5, 2013 at the age of 58.
Expanding on this topic, Eva Golinger writes,
«It is enough to know that one man who had for several years been one of his closest aides, who was often alone with him and brought him his food, coffee, and water, is now a protected witness in the United States.

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