Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Three Palestinians Martyred in Two Run over Operations near Al-Khalil

 Three Palestinians were martyred on Monday morning by Israeli occupation forces fire and two Zionist soldiers were injured in two separated run over operations in the whereabouts of Kiryat Arba settlement at occupied Al-Khalil city in the West Bank.
(archive)An Israeli army spokesperson claimed that Zionist forces shot and killed two Palestinians after they allegedly opened fire at Israelis waiting at a bus stop near the settlement.
Witnesses told Ma’an news agency that two Palestinians in a Peugeot 504 pick-up truck tried to shoot at Israelis at the bus station and that Israeli troops fired back at them, killing them immediately. Shortly afterwards, she added, a car run into a military vehicle in a “ram attack,” and Israeli soldiers shot and killed the driver.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified the Palestinians as Qasem Farid Jaber and Ameer Fuad al-Junaidi from Al-Khalil (Hebrew for Hebron), and Yousef Mustafa Tarayra,18, from the town of Bani Naim east of Al-Khalil.
Palestinian Red Crescent spokeswoman Errab Foqoha told Ma’an that Zionist forces barred a medical team from her organization from accessing the scene.
The Israeli occupation army said one soldier was wounded in the shooting attack, while two soldiers and an officer were wounded in the second altercation. She said they were evacuated to a hospital and were believed to be in moderate condition.
Source: Agencies
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