Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Trident vs. Gas Chambers

By Gilad Atzmon
British press reported this week that, “Labour activists compared Britain’s missile defence system to gas chambers.”   The anti-war members of Labour’s CND distributed a memo reading“While no technology is ever ‘un-invented,’ we regularly see an end to use or production, particularly where a technology is outlawed for humanitarian or legal reasons, such as the gas chambers of the Second World War.”
What an embarrassing convoluted statement from Corbyn’s supporters. Were gas chambers “outlawed” and for humanitarian reasons? Not really. As far as I am aware, the only laws concerning ‘Nazi gas chambers’ prohibit the denial of their existence. What made the anti war enthusiasts come up with such a bizarre statement? Were they attempting to score some kosher credentials by kneeling in front of the Holocaust God?
Lately it seems stupidity has become the entry card into the British Left. Labour MP Toby Perkins also tried to score a free gefilte fish. Unfortunately he had nothing more clever to offer. MP Perkins commented that it was “a crazy and offensive thing to say…there is no credible comparison between a self-defence nuclear deterrent and the gas chambers, which were not a weapon of war but a method of slaughter.” It is tough to imagine a statement remotely as idiotic as MP Perkins’.  Since when are nuclear missiles specifically designed to wipe out cities ‘defence weapons?’ A missile with a nuclear warhead is a ‘weapon of slaughter.’ But on further reflection, if the German National Socialists saw Jews as the enemies of the Aryan race, then gas chambers could be realised, from a ‘Nazi perspective,’ as a means of self-defence.
But here is another problem. The so-called revisionists have claimed that gas chambers in Auschwitz were delousing chambers used by the Germans to disinfect the camps of the ravages of typhus. If this were so, then the gas chambers would have been only a health measure, an essential element of self (and other) defence. They were only homicidal towards lice.
If Labour politicians insist upon integrating gas chambers into every political statement, they should first decide amongst themselves what these chambers were and what they stand for.
I would love to live in a country were people who lead the opposition, the battle for peace and against nuclear armament, are reluctant to expose their shortage of grey cells in such a blunt manner. It is really becoming too painful to follow our Labour merchants these days.
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