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IDLIB:  Of all the terrorists whose demented goals were filmed for all to see, not one can match the sheer grisliness of Abu Sakkaar (real name: Khaalid Al-Haamid).  More than a simple apostate, devil-worshiper or the son of a cheap harlot, this savage brought into sharp focus the true nature of Islamist terrorism as contrasted with true Islam.  He defiled the body of a young Syrian soldier by cutting open his torso and removing his liver which he then devoured right in front of a video camera so that everyone could see how ferocious he was and how much he hated modernistic, progressive governments.  Oh, and I didn’t tell you that the young soldier whose viscera he was devouring was a Christian as evidenced by the crucifix and Modonna’s image he was wearing.
He had been targeted for revenge for 3 years by the Syrian Military Intelligence Bureau and the Air Force Intelligence Directorate.  It was the latter which finally hunted him down and put a cool bullet right in his rat’s brain.   Here’s how it happened.
Al-Haamid was known to be commanding a pack of rodents on the Turk border with Latakia in the area of Al-Rubay’ah, a town recently liberated by the SAA.  He was observed by spotters and his whereabouts reported by Syrian civilians living under the tyranny of Erdoghan in Turk-Occupied Syria (Hatay).  100% of our people in the area we know as Liwaa` Iskandaroon are loyal to Syria and its army.  They regularly help our cause by providing information about Turk military movements and operational planning from Reyhanli (Al-Rayhaaniyya). 
Abu Sakkar
Syrian patriots have disseminated the photo of the dead cannibal rodent with a stamp that reads in Arabic: “And the stomping out of (the cockroach) is completed”.  This photo was originally floated by the Air Force Intelligence people themselves.

About 5 days ago, the rodent was ordered to redeploy to Aleppo where his fellow rats were expecting a massive SAA response to the recent campaign to regain Tal Al-‘Aysfrom the Alqaeda murdering criminals.   The Syrian Air Force Intelligence agency learned of his plan to move and picked up rat chatter indicating Al-Haamid was going to reenter Syria from Turkey via the Baab Al-Hawaa Crossing.   Unbeknownst to Alqaeda/Nusra, not all guards at the crossing were Ahraar Al-Shaam terrorists at the time, a group allied with Nusra and complicit with it in forming the Jaysh Al-Fath criminal enterprise funded by the monkeys of Arabia.  In fact, Jund Al-Aqsaa, a mostly Palesteezian and Jordanteezian terrorist group also patrols and guards at the crossing especially at the far southern end.   In this way, with so many stops, the rats can increase the shakedowns for more profit.
A team of 6 operatives from AFI were selected for their Palestinian backgrounds since their Southern Syrian accents would merge better with those of the terrorist group.  They were dressed appropriately and knew exactly how to conduct themselves when Al-Haamid’s car approached with him in the back seat next to another rodent.  As soon as he lowered his window to show his identification, an agent standing behind the putative guard came forward with a long-barreled automatic pistol and shot him right in the forehead and then killed the other passenger, but, not the driver who left, reportedly, with the AFI hit squad into the wild and wooly rural areas surrounding Baab Al-Hawaa.
Stories in the Western media are typically filled with nauseating misinformation.  Some sources claim it was Ahraar Al-Shaam which killed Al-Haamid. This is preposterous for the obvious reason that that group is tightly aligned with Nusra and would never assassinate a member of its sister organization.  Almost all the lies are coming from England, as usual, since it was probably an English nincompoop who ordered the rat to travel to Aleppo in the first place.  Even the Italian press, notorious for its exaggerations, has never sunk so low in reporting events.
The lies have, apparently, reached Almanar which also reported that Nusra/Alqaeda is at odds now with Ahraar Al-Shaam over the assassination.  Almanar has not made the connection between the 2 groups and how improbable the whole British story is.  But, if there is conflict between our enemies, then, so be it.
ALEPPO:  It’s happening as I told you.  The build-up is massive and the rats are digging their fortifications (and graves) at a furious pace even though they know the Syrian Air Force is not stymied by revetments or hills of dirt.  And don’t believe the Iranians who are telling the world they have only sent officers as advisers.  The Syrian Army does not need advisers on how to kill rats.  The number of Iranian IRGC forces is estimated at around 1,000 and it is reported that another 1000+ are from the regular army.
Of interest also to my military buffs is the large number of Shilkas being deployed.  These highly mobile ack-ack anti-aircraft platforms have proven invaluable as mince-meat machines for our enemies.  Used in anti-personnel roles, they are non-pareil when it comes to chopping up groupings of terrorist savages.
I can announce to you with confidence that “Operation Fires of Hell” has started and will not end until every rodent is exterminated.  I will have much more tomorrow.
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