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Handaraat:  Control over the Handaraat Camp is important because it looks over the Castillo Road which is crucial to terrorist capability to supply the rodents holed up in East Aleppo.  It is the last supply route to those particular terrorist cannibals.
Yesterday and today, the Syrian Army backed by the PDC and the air force battered the rodents in this area.  Interestingly, since last Sunday, the Turk terrorist enablers, were allowing over 400 newly trained murderers to enter Syria and reinforce the terrorists atHandaraat and Tal Hidya.   The terrorists were trained by the CIA using “independent contractors”.  With them were one T-62 tank, 22 4-wheel drive pickups with Doschka cannons and several armored cars.
The Syrian Army knew from the first day that the Turks were doing exactly that.  As the rodents arrived in Handaraat, the SAA opened up a massive curtain of artillery fire and assaulted the terrorist positions from many angles.  The artillery assault was bone-shattering causing the rodents to fall apart, many abandoning their fortifications and moving inside the town where they were quickly sent back to the front.  By the time they had arrived to their original positions,  Syrian Army infantry had overrun some of the positions leading to some hair-raising hand-to-hand combat at which the SAA excels.  It only took a few hours of fighting before the SAA managed to liberate whole sections of the Al-Mallaah Properties between Huraytaan and Handaraat.
The Syrian Army then turned its attention to the northern section of the Palestinian Camp and took control over the Zuhayr Muhsin Secondary School and the Palestine Mosque.  Zuyayr Muhsin, a person I have met, was the commander of the Al-Saa’iqaPalestinian Resistance Group, trained by the SAA and controlled by the Ba’ath Party.   Inside this area was Ahraar Al-Shaam and Alqaeda.  The disaster for the rats took place after they tried to recover areas lost to the legitimate forces of the Syrian Arab Republic.  Poorly planned and anarchically executed, their counter-attack played out under the watchful eye of SAA spotters who vectored in some astonishingly accurate artillery fire.  The SAA has confirmed 120 dead rodents, many of them leaders such as:
‘Abdul-‘Aleem Al-Hassan (Leader of Liwaa` Al-Faatiheen. Yawn.)
Hakeem Al-‘Umar (Leader of Faylaq Al-Shaam) (See pictures of Al-‘Umar before and after. Thanks, Khaled)


Muraad Baashaa (Leader of Liwaa` Al-Muntasir bi-llaah)
Others who were identified positively were:
Zaahir ‘Ali Al-Khalaf
‘Ammaar Jihaad Rajab
Misbaah Kharroob
Arshad ‘Umraan
Mustafaa Khudhr Al-Hamawi
Nasooh Zhaafir Al-Bayrooti
Faysal Al-Baydaawi
Anwar ‘Aabdeen
Fu`aad Al-Qaasimi
Shafeeq Al-Sawwaaf
Hilmi Al-‘Allaaf
Muhammad Jaanu
‘Awadh Muhammad Al-Buhayri
Faaris Bilaal Al-Halbaawi
Khayreddeen Al-Kayyaali
Zakariyyaa Yaaseen
‘Abduh Ismaa’eel
The others were determined to be foreigners, many from Chechenya and some from Bosnia.
A dead Chechen at Handaraat (Thanks, Khaled Nawaz Al-Nouri)

Al-‘Ays:  For 3 days the Syrian Army has been unloading artillery and rocket fire on this area.  I can confirm the destruction of one T-62 tank and one armored car.  No other details.

الجيش السوري يشن هجوما جديدا شمالي حلب وروسيا تنفي أسقاط طائرة لها في الرقة
Kafr Naahaa:  SAA and SAAF struck hard at rat positions here destroying one tank used as an artillery piece.

Baanis Village:  Being struck by the SAAF as I write.  Large concentration of rodents here belonging to Nusra/Alqaeda.

Tal Hidya:  There are 200+ rodents newly arrived from Turkey taking positions here.  AllAlqaeda and trained by the U.S.

Icardaa:  SAAF very active here.  No other details.

Abu Taltal:  ISIS fortifying intensely here as though this would be their last holdout.  The same is true for Al-Madyoona Village.  Both these villages are on the way to Al-Baab and Sawraan.  SAA has struck several command-control centers with artillery and destroyed 3 pickups with 23mm cannons.

Rasm Al-‘Alam:  ISIS has reported its losses at 17 killed and 30 wounded from SAAF airstrikes.  Fortifications also destroyed.
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