Friday, 15 April 2016

Calls for Protests in Egypt over Red Sea Islands

Egyptian movements and activists called for protests on Friday over Cairo’s decision to transfer two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia.
April 6 movement urged protests, saying: “For the first time we find a political regime which seeks to prove that a land that it controls does not belong to its territory.”Egypt protests over decision to transfer Red Sea islands
For its part, Muslim Brotherhood urged a “real day of rage” until the “liberation of Egypt”.
On the other hand, interior ministry said on Thursday it would take legal action against people who participate in demonstrations called by activists to protest against the decision to transfer the two islands at the southern entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba.
The ministry urged Egyptians “not to get carried away by tendentious calls for protests and it warns against any attempts to break the law,” adding in a statement that it would take “all decisive legal measures” to maintain security.
Earlier on Saturday, Egypt and Saudi Arabia signed a maritime demarcation accord that puts Tiran and Sanafir in Saudi waters.
Saudi and Egyptian officials say the two islands belong to the kingdom and were only under Egyptian control because Saudi Arabia asked Egypt in 1950 to protect them.
Source: Agencies
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