Thursday, 21 April 2016

Loyalists Reiterate Solidarity with Al Manar TV

SolidarityMultinational politicians and media figures assembled on Wednesday at the Coral Beach Hotel in Beirut to voice solidarity with Al Manar TV station against Nilesat decision to block its broadcast via its satellite.
The General Director of Al-Manar TV, Hajj Ibrahim Farhat, delivered a speech asserting that the station will not spare any way to keep its image and voice reachable by the millions of viewers.
On behalf of Information Minister Ramzi Jreij, Information Ministry Director General Hassan Falha declared solidarity with all the Lebanese media institutions in their defense of the freedom of expression, according to NNA.
“I am keen on preserving this freedom in all fields, especially in the field of the visual media embodied by TV stations in Lebanon, mainly Al Manar,” Falha said on behalf of Minister Jreij.
“I made several contacts following the decision against Al-Manar TV… and I have received a letter from the Nilesat Chairman expressing willingness to solve this issue,” he said.
The Minister hoped negotiations in that respect would lead to a solution.
“Protecting the freedom of press necessitates to have media institutions, especially licensed TV channels including Al Manar TV, subject to the Lebanese law only,” he said and explained that satellite-broadcasting channels were subject to contracts signed with the satellites.
Furthermore, Jreij deemed the solution to have the Lebanese state carry out direct contracts with satellites, through which it would be able to obtain a part of the broadcast and distribute it on authorized Lebanese stations.
“This way, Lebanese stations would escape the custody of satellites,” he concluded.
On behalf of the Parliament’s Media and Telecommunications Committee, MP Hassan Fadlallah said that everyone was concerned today to act in solidarity with Al Manar TV to keep our country a platform for the voice of freedom, the courageous stance and the resistance that defends values, existence and integrity.
“In the case of Al-Manar, we are not solely facing a Saudi decision, but are facing a coordinated effort by several axes.We are facing a group that is always trying to target this resistance; we are facing a concerted Israelis- Saudis effort held under the aegis of the US… Same sanctions issued by the United States are issued in Israel, and, alas issued in Saudi Arabia as well,” Fadlallah said as reported by NNA.
“What happened publicly today will not eclipse Al Manar… Al Manar will always be the voice of resistance,” he said.
Many other speeches were delivered to stress their support to Al-Manar TV and condemn Nilesat decision.
Source: Al-Manar Website
20-04-2016 – 16:59 Last updated 20-04-2016 – 18:21
LeaderSupreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said one of basic motives that made the arrogant powers deploy against Iran was that a country not being dependent on any powers could enter the extraordinarily sensitive nuclear stage.
Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei made the remarks in a meeting on Wednesday with members of the Islamic Students Associations around the country.
“If we let them, they will start playing games on the biotechnology, nanotechnology and other scientific issues, and make problems,” said the Ayatollah.
The Supreme Leader also said the world arrogance organized practical and propaganda activities against Hezbollah; however, the party is strongly showing itself in the world of Islam.
“Let a dependent, corrupt, and worthless government, using its petro-dollars, condemn Hezbollah in a statement; it does not matter, the party and its youth are shining and are the source of pride of Muslim world,” said the leader.
Source: IRNA
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