Tuesday, 5 April 2016

More Flexibility!

The measures taken by Syria since the outset of the foreign-backed imposed war of terrorism upon Syria are indeed remarkable. Directions were even given to the police forces as not to reply the fire shots against them! Many policemen and Army forces were shot at with no answer! Yes, some of the elite of our forces and family members were martyred at the hands of some paid-for mercenaries, before the mercenaries started to shoot even at the demonstrators as to accuse Government Forces!
The world at large has played a negative  role in the aggressions against Syria. Almost more than a hundred countries, among them those which consider themselves, the guardians of humanity and humanitarian principles,  unleashed their mad terrorists, not to mention the unjust imposed sanctions, and shipments of arms,  against Syrians. For the in-waiting Wahabbis, Moslem Brotherhood cells, Al-Qaeda affiliates, Syrians have been the target of mass killings, slaughter, torture, rape and of every evil act! The crocodile tears of the anti-Syrians were in a way or another in permanent deception and influence, before the world came to know the reality on the ground, which in way could be falsified, nor fabricated.
The Syrians fight was on behalf of all against terrorism and terrorists from dozens of countries, many of them belong to EU countries! The Syrians are indeed lucky and fortunate to have strong and national Army, President and People. Actually, the LatePresident Hafez Assad’s far-sighted strategic vision friendly and brotherly established and bolstered relations with countries like Iran, the former Soviet Union, China, have proved what it means to have such a pro-human life and welfare consequences in defense of the entire humanity!
The war, threats, sword-rattling  against Syria was escalated; nevertheless, the Syrians, under the wise historic and brave leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad, their valiant Army and Defense Forces, and of no less of importance along with their brothers in arms against terrorism  have been able to withstand the attacks, repel them and are now about to achieve victory against terrorists and their backers, among  whom some want now to join the fight against their own hand-made terrorists!
Syria’s relentless search and sincere efforts exerted for a peaceful political solution for the foreign-imposed crisis have been unabated! Amnesties, pardons, reconciliations,  meetings, conferences…! To this effect was the recently-announced byPresident Assad, in an interview with the Russian Sputnik and RIA Novosti, let ballot boxes decide, in line with the Constitution, and not the bullets! Would the cannibals of the Wahabbi mentality and those running in their orbit, not to mention the orbit of their masters, be brought back, at least once, to reason!

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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