Thursday, 21 April 2016

Saudi Arabia and 9/11

My own personal view is that whatever role Saudi Arabia played in 9/11, it was probably minor compared to Israel’s. And if there is anything incriminating in the redacted 28 pages of the Congressional report, it probably incriminates only the Saudis. That being said, some analysts feel that if the families of 9/11 victims were allowed to proceed with lawsuits against the Saudis, it could open the door to exposing Israel’s role in the attack as well. One such analyst is Kevin Barrett:
We know that they blew up the World Trade Center and it was a controlled demolition. It was certainly not a collapse based on fire but we do not have a US government document that says that. We do, however, have these 28 pages that detail the fact that there was a very close Saudi relationship to these alleged 9/11 hijackers and that that was then classified and covered up by the Bush administration and by the 9/11 commission which of course was a cover-up commission.
So we have documentary proof of a cover-up and that is critically important in getting legal action, getting laws passed, getting investigations and getting action in court. And once serious investigations of 9/11 begin and there are courtroom proceedings with discovery, witnesses who can be brought in and grilled under oath the whole thing could very well just explode and it would be the biggest scandal ever to hit the United States.
While I hope Barrett’s right, I have my doubts that the explosion will be quite that great. In the US judicial system judges are given a lot of leeway to suppress evidence, and we can be certain that if these civil cases do come to trial, the judges presiding over them will have been carefully selected. But in one respect I would say Barrett’s optimism is justified. Regardless how the individual cases are adjudicated, once the suits make their way through the courts, with the accompanying media coverage, it is likely to become increasingly more apparent to the public that some sort of coverup did indeed take place. Public consciousness will at least be raised on this point. The outcome could be calls for a reopened 9/11 investigation. And that has to leave the Israelis sweating bullets.
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