Friday, 22 April 2016

"Saudi Arabia is a Cancer on the World" and has nothing to do with Islam

"Saudi Arabia is the worst country in the world, bar none. If it disappeared off the map tomorrow, the planet would hold the biggest party you've ever seen." However, Saudi Wahhabism is not Islam, it is the real Enemy of Islam. Muslim and non Muslim Readers are urged to see the other related Videos of Syria Grand Mufti . Some of it with English sub-titles

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Grand Mufti of Syria: “Terrorism is a new ideological trend, has nothing to do with Islam”
The speech of the Grand Mufti of Syria in EU-Parliament 15.01.2008
The truth on anti-Islam film protests – Intervista al Gran Mufti di Siria (ENG-FRA-ITA subtitles)
The speech of the grand mufti of Syria in his son Sarya’s funeral

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