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Saudi Arabia’s head pimp and most famous waiter at the Philadelphia Hotel in Amman, Jordan, gives his best side to the camera for this inspirational photo.
The atmosphere is one of solemnity.  You would think, had you been invited, that the opposition actually represented something other than the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Company.  But, it really doesn’t.  As the talks in Geneva grind their way on toward the inevitable breakdown – here is what’s really happening on the ground.
The Syrian Army has created new realities which make the previously non-existent opposition, a presently non-existent opposition.  The entire raison d’etre for the exiles, most of whom are failed felons, is to insure Saudi Arabia’s opinions are represented at Geneva.  As this website has consistently posited, the opposition has no clothes.  Its members are former jailbirds who have found their passports expired and now have to travel on documents provided by the kind of rodents most Syrians would not allow into their homes.  As time moves on toward the denouement, the opposition is frantically searching for another home, somewhere near Antarctica, where they can live cheaply while their former Saudi sponsors face decapitation, one after the other.
Saudi Arabia is functioning at the lowest level possible for a kingdom floating on oil.  They are losing a dreadful war in Yemen where their sole strategy appears to be to kill as many civilians as possible since they can find no high quality targets.  Even though the United States had forewarned the Saudis about such a misadventure, the arrogance and self-importance nurtured by decades of vulgarly flaunting wealth and proving how truly venal humanity is,  has led to a bankrupted economy, depleted gold reserves, aborted social programs and a newly-acquired pariah status in the world of diplomacy.  The United States and Britain (two nations determined to fail together in everything) are helping the Saudis to lose the war in Yemen as quickly as possible.  They have hardly done better in Afghanistan.
In the Levant, where the Saudis have significant interests, especially in the Lebanon, they are finding themselves unable to push their program toward any kind of happy conclusion.  In Syria, they have seen their arch-puppets in ISIS, flounder and constrict under the weight of Russia’s massive military investment.  Obsessed with the fall of Dr. Assad, who represents to the addled Saudi brain, the continuation of Iran’s expansion into the Sunni world, they have lost contact with logic and common sense.  Backing a clique, called the Riyaadh Opposition, has done nothing to advance their interests.  Quite the contrary, really, because as that imbecile, Riyaadh Hijaab, continues to drone on an on about “no part for Assad” in any transitional government, the more it becomes clear that the Riyaadh Group is exactly that: a mouthpiece for the Saudi Arabians.  Yet, as it has become evident from the news, Syrians are picking up on the Saudi Connection and they are rejecting it, thus, delivering a fatal blow to the machinations of these mostly senescent bags of gas.
Staffan DeMistura is trying to hold the talks together with bee’s wax.   He knows full well that Dr. Assad will win any election for the presidency even if the elections were supervised totally by the U.N.  The evidence is in:  Assad is the symbol of Syria’s resistance to the maniacal forces which, in the process of trying to oust him, wound up devastating the country.  I know of only a few Syrians who have accepted this methodology.  All the others, Sunnis to Christians, Druze to Alawis, Ismailis to Armenians are all of one opinion: Saudi Arabia, Turkey and NATO are the true enemies of the Syrian people.  Ergo, DeMistura, has been left with the unpleasant task of apprising the Saudi opposition that “you can’t expect Assad not to run for president if the Syrian people want that.”
         Phillip Hammond, Britain’s Foreign Minister, does a Michael Dukakis in this photo which demonstrates what a dufus he really is. 

But, Britain, which has been savaged decisively by Russia’s commitment to Syria’s war against terror, has continued to pontificate about Dr. Assad’s future even though it is unable to do much of anything about it.  Britain has not been successful in convincing the American president, Barak Obama, that he needs to find another foreign swamp in which to drown the American taxpayer.  In point of fact, the president of the U.S. has been pointedly critical of the British Prime Minister citing the catastrophic, monkey-brained assault on Qaddafi’s Libya by England and France (with background U.S. support) which did not result in anything resembling democracy, freedom and security.  That episode in the history of Western European intervention ranks right down there with other monumental snafus like Vietnam, Gallipoli, Afghanistan and the list goes on and on.  The British are so dependent on Saudi and Qatari money, they can no longer express a foreign policy which makes sense in the world of practical wisdom.  They dare not utter one word implying the longevity of Dr. Assad lest they find the abundant accounts on the Isle of Man depleted and Arabian money quickly withdrawn from a thousand British projects on that miserable, “sceptered” isle.
Without the U.S. pushing for the kind of change demanded by the Arabian oafs, Britain has found itself deprived of the kind of influence to which it had become accustomed.  In Syria,  nobody even mentions Britain.  France, too, has become a bit of a joke due, in large part, to the rapidly sinking fortunes of its deplorably unpopular leader, Francois Hollande.  The logic goes like this in Damascus:  If Hollande insists on Dr. Assad’s departure, how can he make such pronouncements with a straight face when Hollande’s approval ratings have sunk to 19%?   No, Britain and France, who jointly massacred the societies of Libya and committed horrific war crimes all over Iraq, Algeria, Palestine and Syria, are now finding themselves as lost as Syrian refugees on the Aegean.  If anyone has to leave office, it’s Cameron and Hollande.
What this has left for the Saudis is a Rabelaisian dilemma.  “How do we rid ourselves of Assad, without ridding ourselves of Saudi Arabia?”  The Saudi agenda is typical of the way backward desert people think.  Everything is black and white.  The Arabians are incapable of seeing any goal without the issue of their worthless “personal honor” as a filter.   Being defenders of Sunni Islam, do they ask why Sunnis in Syria uniformly support Dr. Assad?  Do they ask why the mostly Sunni army in Syria is committed to protecting the presidency?  Do they risk asking whether anybody in Syria would want to have the kind of absurd plutocratic tyranny which prevails in the Wahhabist Twilight Zone of Saudi Arabia?  Yet, they persist in a quest to place a blocker in the way of an ascendant Iran – to strangle Hizbollah, the Lebanese Resistance – to squelch Iranian plans to extend a natural gas pipeline across Iraq to Syria’s ports on the Mediterranean – to bring Lebanese politicians to their knees – to crush Palestinian aspirations.  Saudi Arabia is not merely the enemy of the Arab People; it is the hyper-toxic venom which acts as the medium by which diabolism prospers and metastasizes.
So what are they talking about in Geneva?  The Riyaadh Opposition continues to spout the same nonsense.  The Syrian government, represented by our irrepressible envoy, Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari, insists on the letter of the law.  Instead of working to promote a new constitution, the opposition focuses exclusively on “transition” without Dr. Assad.  Dr. Assad responds by underlining the existence of a constitution which must be followed explicitly in order for a transition to take place.  The opposition, mouthing Saudi mantras,  essentially repeats the old, worn-out power-points:  “there can be no transitional government if Dr. Assad is involved.”  It appears the opposition, under Saudi tutelage, has found a way to insure the talks are a complete failure – which is what the Saudis have always wanted.
The facts:  Dr. Assad will not be allowed to leave office even if he wanted to.  The Ba’ath Party, the security establishment, the military, the people and the institutions of the nation will not permit him to leave the country under any coercive circumstance.  Moreover, Dr. Assad is a patriotic Syrian who was born and raised in his own homeland.  It would uncharacteristic of such a person to leave office during a time of war as we have today in Syria.  Can the murdering felons in Geneva bring Alqaeda to the table?  We don’t think so.   Can they bring ISIS to the negotiating table?  Absolutely not.  They bring nothing but Saudi dreams and demands.  And, to this day, the Saudis are nothing and offer nothing.
What these talks are about in Geneva is not democracy; or liberation; or revolution; or anything that smacks of the progressive components of a unified civil society.  All they talk about is ousting Dr. Assad.  The bottom line is that the British and French, Americans included along with the rest of the rabble in Europe, are wrestling with the dynamic hypocrisy of, at once, promoting democracy as a public position, while, secondly, subverting it and international law by striving to unseat the recognized government of a member state of the United Nations as a covert position.  This is an outright crime to which DeMistura has committed himself to aiding and abetting.  This is why DeMistura should be relieved on any further involvement in the talks or anything having to do with Syria.
We have learned that the “indirect” or the “proximity” talks are proceeding dismally.  The fact is that the opposition has set up an impediment around which nobody can maneuver.  If we are right, that Dr. Assad would never be permitted to relinquish his post as president, and the opposition is unable to bring anything to the table but the self-same insistence on his removal prior to the establishment of a mixed “transitional government”, then, in that case, the only winners are the Syrian government and the Russian Federation.  After all, it cannot be said that Dr. Assad has not been floating the idea of such talks since 2012.  And the Russians have expended every diplomatic effort to see the opposition sit down with the government to find a modus vivendi since at least 2013.   All the while, the United States, Britain, France and the miserable Saudi junta have been financing and training terrorists who, evidently, have grown tired of losing in Iraq and Syria, and are heading home to their Europe to plant the disease which failed to take apart Syrian society.  Now, with hundreds of young men and women, back from “sex jihad” in Syria, champing at the bit to have it at the West, we can look forward to the Geneva talks continuing amidst the fires set by the Europeans themselves.
What happened in Paris and Brussels is only the beginning.  It won’t stop until Europe understands that we Arabs have grown sick of their interventions and we are prepared to lock horns with them on their own continent.  It won’t take much to do that, since the Europeans have been so adept at creating the very same monsters who have come back to haunt them on our behalf.   Enjoy.
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