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Abuse of Palestinian boys by IDF soldiers being investigated by israel’s military police

The boys claim they were beaten, handcuffed for hours and deprived of sleep after being arrested
The suspected abuse by Israeli soldiers of three Palestinian boys who crossed the separation barrier from Gaza into Israel during clashes along the border is being investigated by Israeli military police, according to Haaretz.
Claims the three boys were violently mistreated by Israel Defence Force (IDF) soldiers during their arrest are being looked into by the Military Police’s investigation department
The boys’ testimony, told to a researcher for the Israeli Information Centre for Human Rights, includes allegations of being beaten, kept handcuffed for hours and deprived of sleep.
The boys also alleged they had soft drink poured on their bodies and cigarettes extinguished on them.
A report seen by Haaretz said all three boys had a severely traumatic experience while in IDF custody.
A Palestinian boy stands behind a wall in Gaza City damaged during the 50-day war between Israel and Hamas-led militants in the summer of 2014 (Getty)
Clashes broke out along the border fence surrounding Gaza on 10 October, near the al-Bureij refugee camp, when Gaza Strip residents arrived at the fence and burned tires, with some throwing stones.
At least two were killed during the altercations, and at one point a group of young men breached the iron gate in the border fence into Israeli territory, including the three Palestinian minors.
The boys were found by IDF search dogs and taken to an Israeli army base where the alleged abuse took place.
One of the boys, 16-year-old Abed, told Haaretz:  “It was in the evening, and a short time later we felt that the soldiers had surrounded us and sent dogs that attacked us among the bushes.”
Abed says he was handcuffed and blindfolded along with two of his friends.
“Here began a nightmare that lasted for three days. They stripped us, cursed and beat us all over our bodies – whether by kicking or with the rifle butt. At night we fell asleep half naked on the floor, without any blankets or covering”, he said.
His friend Mohammed told Haaretz the soldiers extinguished cigarettes on them, and described being beaten, cursed at and forced to drink an alcoholic drink
All three boys reportedly had no prior criminal record.
A probation officer reported two boys received a six-month sentence and the other a four-month sentence.
All were released to the Gaza Strip in the past two months.
An IDF spokesman confirmed to Haaretz that: “After the arrest of the Palestinans, there were various complaints regarding the conduct towards them. When the IDF received the complaints an investigation was opened. The findings were recently sent to be examined by the MAG”.
Last month, an Israeli soldier was charged with manslaughter for shooting a Palestinian man in the head at close range in Hebron
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