Sunday, 15 May 2016

Backers of al-Riyadh opposition derail intra-Syrian dialogue

It has been crystal clear that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, France and UK have no desire to see the political settlement in Syria move forward. These countries are aiding in the escalation of terrorist activities, arming terrorists and attempting to blow up the agreements reached between the Russia and the United States, especially the cessation of hostilities agreement.Over the last threeweeks, thousands of terrorists have crossed the border with Turkey into Aleppo and its countryside.
The recent  round talks in Genevawas moving forward despite of the decision of “Riyadh opposition” delegation to suspend its participation in Geneva talks. The dialogue was conducted with the Republic’s delegation and other delegations of the opposition even if the “Riyadh opposition” group wants to suspend its participation.
There are several opposition groups that supportedthe continuity of dialogue. However, those who want to walk away upon instructions they receive from the outside will have to take responsibility for their actions in hindering  finding out peaceful solution for the crisis  in Syria and halting the bloodshed of Syrian people .
The Syrian government delegation has shown the highest level of discipline and commitment among all the groups participating in the intra-Syrian dialogue. The Syrian delegation has come to Geneva with great sense of responsibility and directives of the leadership and the government to participate in the intra-Syrian dialogue positively, usefully and fruitfully without any foreign intervention or preconditions.
The Syrian government delegation’s reading of the resolution No. 2254 says thatthe mandate  in Geneva stops at reaching the point of forming an expanded national unity government. Discussion of the constitution at the talks would mean undermining the right of the possible “temporary government or the expanded national provisional government to assigning a constitutional committee to draft a new constitution or amend the existing one. The issue of Syrian Presidency is an internal Syrian affair and neither the UN Security Council nor anybody else has relation to it.  Geneva talks aim at reaching a national government through Syrian-Syrian accord without any Saudi, Turkish, Qatari, French, American or British interference.
The expanded national unity government would engage some groups of the opposition, but not any groups. The opposition groups who want to be part of an expanded national government should not be linked to terrorism or following  foreign agendas and should be living in Syria not in five star hotels in European countries .  The “Riyadh opposition” group is linked to Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar.The opposition is not only restricted to the higher Commission for negotiations formed in Saudi Arabia. The resolution No. 2254 provides for wider representation of Syrian opposition groups in the intra-Syrian dialogue in Geneva, and it doesn’t stipulate that al-Riyadh delegation to monopolize the representation of Syrian opposition .
If they wanted to boycott talks, they could do so, it is not a big problem, because they are not the only representatives of the Syrian opposition. The pretexts marketed by al-Riyadh opposition are not convincing, and the other groups in the opposition don’t evaluate the situation in the same way.
Al-Riyadh opposition delegation has stirred problems since the beginning of the process in Geneva and threaten to suspend talks or postpone them as they wait for the orders from their supports in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar. This is a political procrastination ; they delay in order to “blow up the talks as a whole.
All backers of al-Riyadh opposition in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and in Qatar are seeking to derail intra-Syrian dialogue in Geneva, after the opposition’s decision to suspend its participation in the dialogue sessions.There has been a decision in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and in Qatar to derail inter-Syrian dialogues, because their sinister objectives were not achieved. They do not want there to be a dialogue between Syrians, they want to make the Geneva negotiations fail.
The opposition and the countries that support it are annoyed because of the remarkable  progress being achieved by the Syrian army on the ground in uprooting terrorism from the Syrian soil.  The Decision of  al-Riyadh opposition delegation to suspend its participation accusing the Syrian army of breaching the cessation of hostilities is a misleading and untrue allegation aimed to undermine the talks. Members of al-Riyadh opposition delegation  called their terrorists inside Syria to bombard cities, attack the Syrian army and break the cessation of hostilities.
Some al-Riyad delegation members irresponsibly proposed the idea of disbanding the Syrian army similar to what happened in Libya, Iraq and Somalia since they lack political expertise and their leaders want to turn Syria into a failed state. When we say that we will not allow a constitutional vacuum it means that the army and all other state institutions should remain present and continue to perform their works till we reach an agreement with other opposition groups supposed to be national towards forming an expanded national government .
The “Riyadh opposition” delegation’s suspension of their participation in the Geneva talks is part of their “acrobatic moves” which proves their lack of seriousness in reaching a political solution for the crisis in Syria.
The Riyadh opposition delegation don’t make their own decisions, as they hold multiple allegiances, particularly to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar.
The Syrian Arab Republic delegation went to Geneva with a clear and realistic program for achieving success in talks and reaching specific results via consultations and dialogue among Syrians, not via talks between Syrians and other sides.
Syrian people, army and leadership, supported by Syria’s friends, are proceeding in combating terrorism and are working on restoring stability and security to all Syrian areas.
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