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بتوجيه من الرئيس الأسد.. العماد أيوب يهنئ الضباط والجنود الروس بعيد النصر
LATAKIA:  Lt. Gen. ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Ayyoob, Chief of the Syrian Army’s General Staff, addresses a group of Syrian and Russian military personnel on the occasion of Russia’s Victory Day celebrations.  He was there at the Humaymeem Airbase by order of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.  He praised Russia’s role in Syria as he participated in the commemoration of this very important day in the history of modern Russia and the former Soviet Union.   
DAYR EL-ZOR:  The most effective tools against terrorism here are aircraft.  With our forces concentrated mostly in the western part of the country, the air force and the Republican Guard (holding out tenaciously at the Dayr El-Zor Airbase) are the only game in town.   But, the air force has been noticeably effective in disrupting ISIS plans by pouncing on their groups whenever solid intelligence is gathered from drones, satellites or Humint.
Al-Kassaaraat Area:  Intelligence determined that ISIS was planning to move crates of ammunition from underground storage to Al-Muree’iyya by small trucks and vans.  The Syrian Air Force was ordered to interdict this project.  According to sources on the ground, the destruction of the 10-vehicle convoy was complete with several rat carcasses seen on the ground after several fly-overs.

Al-Muree’iyya and Al-Jafra Villages:  SAAF very active for the last 5 days here hitting ISIS infrastructure.

Huwayjat Sakr:  SAAF struck and destroyed a rocket launching pad and a mortar.  Several rodent fatalities with no details.

Al-‘Urfi Quarter:  A bulldozer was destroyed by an RPG along with its driver.

Al-‘Ummaal Quarter:  A factory for manufacture of locally-made rockets was made a thing of the past by a perfectly launched rocket from a MiG 21.  Old but reliable.


Fighting continues over access to oil.  Syria was never a major oil or gas producer.  Most gas reservoirs have been identified off the western coast now and that will be the focus of future development.  However, ISIS desperately needs to have its budget requirements met in order to maintain a large military force. Both Russia and Syria agree that keeping the terrorists away from oil resources is a priority.

Al-Mahr Gas Facility to the West:  The SAAF continues to pound ISIS positions here making it impossible for the rodents to pump oil, much less fill oil tankers for delivery to Erdoghan’s son.  Heavy losses reported today with black smoke erupting from various tanker trucks.  A serious problem facing ISIS today is the significant diminution in the number of tankers the cannibal group can field.

The SAAF is hitting the entire Al-Shaa’er Mountain area on an hourly basis.  Today, like yesterday, the focus was the Al-Jadhal Oil Field and the areas east of Palmyra where a convoy of trucks and vans was demolished.

Waadi Al-Misk:  SAAF and SAA artillery struck at ISIS fortifications killing at least 6 rodents.  The number of dead rats was determined by listening in on rodent chatter.   One was identified as an important military field commander, “Abu Sa’ad Al-Misri” (Id pending).

Al-Tabaabeer Village:   4 pickups with 23mm cannons were either destroyed or disable by the SAAF.  No figures on casualties.

Dayr Fool:  In the northern part of the governorate where Nusra/Alqaeda roams about 13kms north of Homs City.  5 vehicles were reportedly hit and scores killed or wounded.  No other details.

Huwaysees Village:  In the East where ISIS is trying to dominate 77kms from the city, the SAAF swept down on ISIS military checkpoints and strongpoints killing or wounding many rats.  As I’ve said before, it is hard to make precise assessments from the air.
(Archive photo)
Between the Old Customs Building in southern Der’ah City and the Naseeb Crossingwhich is controlled by a joint Jordanian/Terrorist force, a convoy loaded with arms and supplies heading west was intercepted by both the SAAF and, later, the SAA.  The convoy came out of Jordan with the full knowledge of the Jordanteezian government, but, was quickly turned into molten iron with all – and I mean all – the rats involved incinerated.   The flop operation was planned by a joint Saudi-Zionist team in Amman, the capital.

And, by the way, Ayman Al-Zawaahiri, the Alqaeda leader who lives in some cave in Afghanistan or Pakistan, has warned his favorite cannibals that a failure to unite will lead to their destruction.
Abraham Lincoln at Antietam.  Remember him?  He’s the one who killed 800,000 of his own people to save the union.  He lost all legitimacy.  He has no place in America’s future.  He must resign by October of 2016 or else. Blah. Blah. Blah.
Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) in the year 1900.  The author seated above is my personal hero.
Claude Monet in 1923.  He even looks like an impression of himself.
Pablo Picasso during his Blue Period.
Alfred Hitchcock
Old Charlie Darwin.
Winston Churchill.  May he burn in Hell.
Marilyn Monroe (Mrs. Assad is prettier)
Even Babe Ruth drank Kessler (That’s a lie)
Walt Whitman. Notorious bisexual and brilliant American poet.  At least the rotten Brits didn’t try stealing him like they did with T.S. Eliot
“Red Hawk” of Ogla tribe circa 1905.  Remember the Palestinians?
Brooklyn Bridge in 1904.  Remember now Walt Whitman?  Crossing Brooklyn Ferry?
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