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الجيش السوري
ALEPPO:  From the very beginning of this conflict in March 2011, the West and its Arabian monkey puppets like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE, aimed to take over a major Syrian city in order to establish a competing power in the country which could challenge the writ of the Damascus central authority.  Ideally, the fattest prize would have been the capital city.  When that didn’t happen and it seemed too daunting a task, the focus fell on the huge industrial capital in the north, Aleppo which had for, at least 2 years, resisted the efforts of the terrorist cannibals to enter the city.  Aleppo, like Damascus, and like most of Syria, for that matter, is a multifaceted, demographically variegated crazy-quilt of minorities sprinkled throughout the majority Sunni population.  And the Sunnis of Aleppo, are not known for their militancy or fundamentalist thinking.  To the contrary, Aleppo remains Syria’s major center for the Sufist branch of Sunni Islam – a branch known for its spirituality and pacifism.
Damascus could not be broken for reasons we knew, here at SyrPer, having to do with the Zionist front.  The Syrian Army was trained on fighting in the South and on the Golan where it expected all wars to start and end.  Thus, the SAA concentrated its efforts on sealing the border with Jordan to prevent a Zionist Army flank movement from the South and on the Golan which Syria is intent on recovering from the claws of the Zionist rodents who now occupy Arab Palestine (Southern Syria).  Constant assaults on the capital city led to nothing but occasional bombardment of serene, mixed neighborhoods in Jaramaanaa and ‘Adraa.  In the final analysis, the terrorists of Jaysh Al-Islam were only able to infest the Eastern Ghouta from which they are now being slowly, and inexorably expelled.  Other areas in the Qalamoon were eventually deloused.
But, Aleppo, seemingly safe, was vulnerable if only the Saudis could lean on Erdoghan enough to open a new front, a front upon which the Syrian Army did not concentrate.  It was always assumed that the only trigger for Syrian-Turkish conflict was the Kurdish dimension; a matter which was resolved years ago when Abdullah Ocalan was exiled to Greece and, then, Africa.  (He was captured by a Turk special operations unit in East Africa and returned to Turkey where he is doing a life sentence on Imrali Island.)
The Saudis found a receptive ear in Ankara, what with Recep Tayyip Erdoghan in power.  The United States also played a part in opening doors from Turkey to Syria early on in order to arm the terrorists now collecting in large numbers in areas like Hatay, Gaziantep and Adana.  Let’s forget about Hillary Clinton’s own involvement in sending Libyan weapons to Turkey in order to arm the anti-Ba’ath murderers via the criminal efforts of Christopher Stephens, the openly homosexual U.S. ambassador to Libya and a closet CIA agent (just like Robert Ford).  That Benghazi episode will come back to haunt Clinton soon enough, but, it was a window into what was going on with the U.S. and NATO’s efforts to unseat a very popular Syrian president.  That Erdoghan was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood is lost on no one.  He was receptive.
Erdoghan, also, had other motives.  Aleppo was a major hub for the Ottoman Sultans ruling from the Sublime Porte in Istanbul.  Anyone who ever lived in Aleppo, as your editor has, cannot but take note of the substantial Turkic/Armenian influences in everything from the speech patterns to the cuisine of the inhabitants.  Erdoghan saw the Saudi and American overtures as an invitation to expansion; a justification for the pipe dream of a renewed empire with him as the revivified Sultan (or maybe Caliph).  As absurd as this may sound, nations do not necessarily conduct business based solely on interest.  There is the element of human frailty and gullibility.  There is the element of psychosis which is what sunk Hitler in Russia and what is sinking Erdoghan today in Syria.
It took a long time for the Syrian Army to grasp the tactical challenges of shifting its priorities from the south to the north.  But, with Russian and Iranian assistance, the transition to a country-wide battle, became a reality which we are watching today in Aleppo.
Aleppo is the penultimate goal for the government.  Once it is liberated completely, talk of “political solutions” or “transitional governments” will seem banal, even meaningless.  The U.S. and its allies know this which is why there is an explosion of diplomatic activity to rein in the SAA and its newly energized air force.  They are trying desperately to stop the onslaught which, we predict, will result in the complete routing of the rodents in all of Aleppo City within the next few weeks.  The Arab League, inspired by the cockroach-state of Qatar, is conducting an emergency meeting with a complete focus on Aleppo.  The Qataris, through their propaganda-lie machine, Al-Jazeera, are ramping up the rhetoric, accusing the government in Damascus of “war crimes” and the like. Needless to say, nobody pays much attention to an ugly, overused prostitute like Al-Jazeera.
These kinds of techniques: trying to build up a furor amongst the public to justify direct intervention militarily is not going to work because the Russian administration has made it pellucidly clear that no “pressure will be applied to Syria while it is fighting terrorism”.  This is Qatar’s nightmare.  With a member of the Security Council obstructing the endeavor to save the last remaining Alqaeda rodents inside Aleppo, Qatar’s ruling pack of rodents has to deal now with the fact that it has lost over 100 billion dollars in reserves to support the maniacal war against the Syrian people.
The Saudis are even in a less enviable position.  They have lost their special relationship with Washington.  They are suing for peace in Yemen hoping to save some face through a negotiated return of their immensely unpopular factotum, Al-Haadi, to power.  The recent statements by Houthi leaders indicates that the talks are going nowhere despite Kuwaiti nonsense mentioning a soon-to-be-announced “historic agreement”.  In fact, the Ansaar-Ullah fighting machine has just liberated theAl-‘Amaaliqa military base opening up a Croesus-sized arsenal of weapons to be used for killing Saudis.  The Saudis are up the creek without a paddle, so to speak.  And their leadership is rudderless and naïve.  We are watching to slow descent of the House of Saud into a cesspool of decrepitude.
Yesterday and today, the Syrian Army has advanced deeper into the Al-RaashideenQuarter liberating 8 buildings and killing 4 snipers.  The terrorists here are almost allAlqaeda members and face a terrible destiny as our army batters them relentlessly from the nearby Dhaahiyat Al-Assad.   SyrPer has received accurate reports of deepening ammunition and water shortages amongst the rodents in this area.  We are confident it will fall soon enough because rodent chatter indicates a complete breakdown of morale with openly voluble expressions of lack of confidence in leadership.   There are no supply routes left.

North Atharyaa:  The SAAF blunted an ISIS suicide operation here by firing rockets at a gathering of terrorist hyenas.  No other details.

South of Khanaassir:  The SAAF attacked ISIS leaving scores dead ant wounded.

Al-Kallaasa:  17 terrorists killed in a quality operation near the Southern Cemetery where a group of Alqaeda vultures were gathered.  Here are the only Syrians identified among the piles of manure:
Arkaan Hussein Tawfanji
Zhaafir Shaakir Baabaa
Muhammad Anwar ‘Aabideen
Muhammad Husni Al-Qaysi
Zaki ‘Umar Al-Kilaawi
The rest were all foreigners.

Syrian armyThe Syrian army, backed by air force, continued Monday targeting ISIL terrorists’ positions destroying their vehicles and weapons.
The army’s air force continued conducting sorties against the gatherings and movements of ISIL terrorist organization in Palmyra countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them.
Many vehicles for ISIL terrorist organization, some of which equipped with machineguns, were destroyed in the sorties in the vicinity of al-Shaer oil field and third oil-pumping station, 40km east of Palmyra city, a military source told SANA.
Deir Ezzor
Army units destroyed vehicles and fortified positions for ISIL terrorist organization in the neighborhoods of al-Arfi, al-Ummal and al-Damen in Deir Ezzor.
The army’s air force destroyed vehicles, some of which equipped with machineguns, in al-Bghailiye village, 4 km west of Deir Ezzor.
Over the past few hours, units of the army and the armed forces destroyed gatherings of the ISIL terrorists in the northeastern countryside of the southern Sweida province.
An army unit carried out concentrated bombardments against a gathering of the ISIL terrorists in Khirbat Sa’ad village in the northeastern countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them in personnel and destroying two of their machinegun-equipped vehicles.
A unit of the army killed all members of a terrorist group affiliated to the ISIL that was moving towards al-Ghabeb valley.
A unit of the army and the armed forces foiled an attempt by a terrorist group affiliated to al-Nusra Front (Qaeda branch in the Levant) terrorist organization to infiltrate into one of the military posts in Daraa al-Balad area.
A unit of the army clashed with a terrorist group that infiltrated from the surroundings of Bilal al-Habashi Mosque towards one of the military posts in Daraa al-Balad.
Most of the terrorist group members were killed or injured while the others were forced to flee.
Source: Agencies
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