Friday, 13 May 2016

Risky Move: #AskNetanyahu Quickly Backfires on Israeli PM

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Netanyahu’s Twitter Nakba

In what could at best be described as a risky PR move, and at worst just asking for trouble, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened himself up to the world of Twitter with an “Ask Netanyahu” social media campaign, yielding predictably funny results.
Within minutes of the announcement, people made use of the hashtag to question the Israeli leader about pressing issues.
The Q&A session was set to take place Thursday morning to honor Israeli Independence Day.

Did you use Nano thermite or regular cutting charges to bring down Building 7?

 Why was it okay to EXECUTE 73-years-old Tharwat Sharawi for driving her car too slow.. She was 73!!

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Whilst spending precious time with your family on the beach did u order the bombing of Gaza Children

Does it bother you that history will remember you as a racist, war criminal and mass murderer? 

Dear Bibi,
Please can you abide by international law and allow the refugees to return?
 Why any Jew in the world has the right to live in Israel while the Palestinians are denied the Right of Return to their land?

 How many knives have your IOF planted knives on Palestinian children? How many have they killed?

 Can you watch This ?
This is the Most Moral Army in the World

Why did you order IDF to shoot these children who were playing football on the beach ? 

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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