Tuesday, 10 May 2016


HAMA:  Hama Governor Dr. Ghassaan Khalaf and Mustafaa Sukkari, Secretary of the Ba’ath Party, Hama Branch, oversee the signing of hundreds of agreements to nolle prosequi cases of resistance to the central authority in Al-Samra Village.  Thousands of rifles, machine guns and ammunition were turned over voluntarily to the Syrian Security Services as part of a deal which will encourage defense of the Hama area while returning hundreds to their normal life without fear of prosecution.  The deal was engineered by the Ba’ath Party and local notables who have been sickened by the sight of their country’s destruction.

Uqayrabaat Village:  At the Al-Wudhayhi Stone Quarries 40 kms east of Hama City, an ISIS convoy was arrogantly moving down a dirt road when 2 Sukhoi bombers swept in and turned the convoy into a necklace of fire.  There were 19 trucks protected by 10 pickups with 23mm cannons, all provided by Saudi Arabia and delivered by the malicious Erdoghani Turks.  According to reports arriving this morning about this event, the entire convoy was destroyed.  Estimates of ISIS rodent deaths vary between 25 and 70.  We’ll wait for the final tally if a ground assessment is accomplished.
North of ‘Uqayrabaat Village:  This village is a central supply conduit for ISIS.  It was struck again today with evidence that a major HQ was taken down by the SAAF along with several vehicles seen around the center.

Jinnaa Al-‘Ilbaawi Village:  Another ISIS C&C destroyed.
ALEPPO:  The Saudis are betting their political lives on this battle.  With influence over both Alqaeda and ISIS, they are pushing a two-pronged war against the people of Syria, all the while pretending they are fighting a war against terrorism.  Iran has doubled its “voluntary” units in this area, moving many from the Al-Zaawiya Mountains to help here where they are needed most.  The Iranian-backed troops have lost over 20 of their soldiers fighting against ISIS at Khaan Toomaan  which was lost to the Saudi-backed cannibals 3 days ago after a massive onslaught with over 8 suicide trucks.  The Iranian forces are not used to fighting this kind of warfare and did not have the equipment that could have blunted the frontal assault.  That has changed significantly now as the SAA has provided these troops with scores of RPGs and Kornet rocket launchers.  In the meantime, as many of you have heard, the SAAF and RuAF are flying continuous sorties over Khaan Toomaan and it appears the fortifications recently built up by ISIS are beginning to crumble.

DER’AH:  The Syrian military is not ignoring the lessons of the past.  In a unique operation carried out by elements of the Syrian Army’s crack special forces atAl-‘Abbaasiyya, a factory for manufacturing rockets was set upon and turned into a pile of melting copper.  In that conflagration, a major leader of the group called “Liwaa` Tawheed Al-Janoob”, a criminal enterprise known more for its foreign mercenaries than anything else, AHMAD FU`AAD AL-MASAALIMA, went up into molecules.  His group was also known for its very tight relationship with Nusra/Alqaeda.
Khulayf Hills:  2 pickup trucks with 23mm cannons were disabled by Syrian Army infantry.  This was Nusra/Alqaeda territory.

Tal Al-Shaykh Hussayn Village:  More Nusra/Alqaeda casualties.  After a field assessment, it was determined that the 4 dead rodents were Jordanians and Saudis.
HOMS:  ISIS is throwing all it has into getting back the oil wells which produced for it sufficient funds to finance their idiotic Islamic State.  ISIS is so desperate for money, it is bucking ordinary logic by sending its best forces to fight suicidal battles against the battle-hardened Syrian Army and its NDF allies.  Trucks packed with C-4 and TNT aren’t doing the trick anymore.  Good intelligence identifies the vehicles and the SAA knows how and when to deploy Kornet operators to abort the ISIS operations.

East of the Al-Jadhal Oil Field:  The SAAF atomized an ISIS grouping killing no less than 10 or the rats.

North and West of the Al-Mahr Gas Field:  The SAAF swooped down on a concentration of ISIS vehicles, including pickups and armored cars, destroying most of them

West of Al-Mahr Station:  SAA rangers ambushed a platoon of itinerant ISIS imbeciles and took 6 prisoners.  They were all from Daaghistaan and Turkey.

Al-Shaa’ir Mountain area, South Al-Hayyir Palace and the 3rd Oil Pumping Station:  SAAF highly active and bombing ISIS regularly non-stop.
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