Sunday, 8 May 2016

Voting Trump could mean USA out of UN & NATO and who knows, perhaps no more wars for israel

VOTE for Forrest Trump, give the world a break, USA out of UN and NATO

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Dump the UN, dump NATO, pull all troops back home to protect the homeland, fortress America! Let the other countries come begging to us on our terms if they want assistance.

The Economist

Donald Trump says he'd consider withdrawing America from the UN 

Mr Trump would be even less indulgent towards America’s multilateral obligations. Asked whether, on the basis of his coruscating criticisms of the United Nations, which he called fat, sloppy and inactive, he would consider withdrawing America from that organisation, he says: “You always have to be prepared to walk or you can never get anything done. And that means walking from countries, in terms of defence, it means walking.” 
No one could be more appalled by Mr Trump’s success than the leaders of his own party, most of whom are free-traders and national-security hawks, and all of whom want to win in November. That explains the enthusiasm many Republican bosses and donors showed for the Stop Trump movement. Despite a growing probability that Mr Trump would be their champion, they poured over $5m into television and radio spots supporting Mr Cruz or denigrating Mr Trump in Indiana. (Mr Trump spent less than $1m.) 
They had no shortage of ammunition. Mr Trump has in the past bragged about his many sexual conquests. He has had recourse to bankruptcy law four times. His every speech is littered with lies. By one calculation, 76% of his political statements last year were untrue. In a normal year, his Republican critics would have stopped him; why did they fail? 
His unusual talents are part of the answer. Charismatic, tactically astute, charming at times and ruthless, Mr Trump is a far more formidable politician than almost anyone had suspected. His outrages have kept print- and broadcast-media attention focused on him; with nearly 8m followers on Twitter and a flair for pithy invective, he rules on social media, too. At the time of his entry into the race, his slander against Mexicans seemed naive as well as boorish; it now seems remarkable how well-formed his pitch to resentful, working-class whites was. He says this was because he understands and shares their concerns. 
“I worked summers when I was going to school with carpenters and electricians. You know my father was a builder in Brooklyn and Queens, predominantly…I worked with all of these guys, I know these guys.” 
That has a rare ring of truth. Expedience explains his positions on many issues, including guns, which he once disliked and now advocates, abortion, which he once accepted and now opposes, God, in Whom he previously showed little interest but now praises. His xenophobia and protectionism, however, have form.
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