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In a famous essay by German philosopher, Artur Schopenhauer, the notorious misogynist questioned whether women’s “natural tendencies to lie” disqualified them from taking the oath of truth-telling in court. (See “On Women”)  He might have mentioned Islamists like Erdoghan,  too.   
In a new scandal to darken the palatial doorsteps of Ottoman Sultan wannabe and eternal weasel, Recep Tayyip Erdoghan, the public has been informed that their favorite rodent son of Istanbul has been somewhat less than honest.  That scandal has now taken some hold in Turkey and threatens to undermine his rule.  It appears the Sultan of Sleaze has falsified his academic record.  It also appears he knew it was falsified and participated zealously in kiting the lie.
Opponents of Erdoghan are snapping at him like starved crocodiles, relying on Article 101 of the Turk Constitution which some claim requires the president of the republic to have a college degree.  I have looked up the relevant article and find, as an American-trained attorney, that the requirement is mired in some dubious language, evidently, designed to generate confusion with regards to the office of the president.  My reading of the article (see below) discloses that those who vote for the president must have a college degree or something of “higher education” – usually that means in American English that you have gone to an institution higher than secondary school.

 Name/structure of executive(s)
The President of the Republic is elected for a term of office of five years by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey from among its own members who are over 40 years of age and who have completed their higher education or from among Turkish citizens who fulfill these requirements and are eligible to be deputies.”
However, upon a closer reading, it could be concluded that Erdoghan, when a prime minister, voted for himself for president while he did not have a completed college degree.  That would mean, normally, that his vote is thrown out and held for naught.  That could make a difference if the vote was very close, which it was not.  Hmmm.
I’m going to play this one gingerly.  I don’t think the voting will be the end of this tyrant’s rule.  Instead, I think the very fact that he has been lying and practicing hypocrisy in his Islamist mantle will do more harm as ordinary citizens finally start to realize what a gangster he really is.  In the United States, less so in countries like Italy, being outed as a liar can end a public career.  (In Italy,  it can propel you to fame and fortune).  It really depends on the kind of deceit practiced upon the state.  Turks are understandably accepting of a popular politician’s “puffing” himself up in order to be more attractive.  But, some might argue convincingly that they didn’t expect him to lie about something as mundane as college or to constantly reinforce the impression of a college education.
He claims to have attended and graduated from the Marmara University Economic and Commercial Sciences Department in April of 1981.  Sounds pretty dull, doesn’t it?  Yet, upon closer examination, several news sources learned that the department from which he obtained his degree did even exist until 1983!  Moreover, to really spice things up, the man who revealed the strange case of Mr. Erdoghan, a reporter by the name of Ergun Poyraz, was convicted in a kangaroo court of “defaming” Erdoghan in his book titled “Children of Moses” in which the author propounded the theory that Erdoghan and his wife were closet Jews working for the Zionist Abomination.   He was sentenced for that and for his alleged complicity in the Ergenokon conspiracy to 29 years in prison.
Even more sinister is the notary public who signed the attestation on Erdoghan’s fake diploma.  He has never been found despite high-level efforts.  In fact, the rector of the university claims they have no original of the degree.
No, Erdoghan will weather the constitutional storm, no doubt, but, he might not fare so well when it comes to his bellowing out Islamist platitudes.  They might just fall on incredulous ears.
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