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Their winter of discontent is coming very soon.  With the Syrian Army forward deployments now only 3kms away from Tabqa Air Base, the ISIS cannibals have to ponder their economic future in both Syria and Iraq.  Once the Tabqa base is securely in the hands of the Syrian military, all routes to lucrative Turk markets will be cut off.  The use of tanker trucks is essential to delivering the goods.  There is no effective way to transport the petroleum product by pipeline since that would require a burdensome financial outlay, not to mention the difficulty of keeping such high value targets safe from both sabotage and aerial assault.  Trucks mean simplicity and effectiveness.
Syrian tactics all point to a “choke” strategy.  Once it became clear that Ankara’s Erdoghan was complicit in the absorption of Syrian and Iraqi oil into oil-starved Turkey and that Erdoghan’s hunger for wealth was not merely limited to pillaging Aleppo’s vast industrial facilities, the strategy of confronting ISIS on the battlefield switched to slow strangulation in the financial sector.  Look carefully at the map and note the areas ISIS had to use in order to deliver its profitable loads of oil to Erdoghan’s black marketeers or the hundreds of Syrian enablers who took a commission off the top for their efforts.  Note the advances of the Syrian Army to the Jiraah Air Base through the Maskana Plains effectively turning off the spigot fully and finally.

ISIS mercenaries were induced to travel to Syria by recruiters most of whom worked for Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Department or the Awqaaf.  The ability to recruit rodents for ISIS or Alqaeda, for that matter, was in place well before March 2011.  It was a bragging point for the Saudis when plotting the overthrow of the government in Damascus that Riyaadh had a proven capability to send vast numbers of riff-raff to fight with the “Support Front” (i.e. Nusra/Alqaeda) or with the Islamic State (just as they were able to do during the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan).  It was a resource upon which Robert Ford relied when he sat down with the toxic ape, Bandar bin Sultaan, to implement the plan that was hatched in 2007 to target Syria’s Dr. Assad.  Contacts with Syrian Army officers like Riyaadh Al-As’ad, Ibraaheem Al-Shaykh and Saleem Idreesseemed to be a great start but for the fact the numbers could never amount to a sufficient force to dislodge the leader of the country.   Intense efforts by these traitors to induce more desertions by Sunni officers and enlisted men met with miserable failure and the “rebels” found themselves at the cusp of pure extermination. When it all went wrong, Ford insisted that the Arabians use their connections to bolster the failing insurrection against the Syrian people initiated by a trickle of army defectors who were not able to get their “revolution” off the ground.  This came in the shape of “Nusra”(Assistance).
But as we wrote extensively in previous essays, ISIS, a movement slated to focus on Iraq’s Shi’is,  went its own way defying the strict rules set down by its Saudi financiers.  In doing so it became a threat to other groups, like Alqaeda – which was heavily indebted to Saudi Arabia – and actually threatened the structure of the entire network set up by the Saudis and their American allies.  It was not surprising to SyrPer that when ISIS engaged in a war over territory with other terrorist groups in Syria, like Nusra, Ahraar Al-Shaam, Jaysh Al-Islam and Jund Al-Sham, that certain suspect individuals began to spread a rumor that the Syrian government was allied with ISIS.  All this sort of defamation was going on while the Syrian Army was fighting an existential war with ISIS in eastern Homs where the takfiri group had set up a brisk trade in-oil-for dollars with Turkey.  Now that the SAA and its allies are approaching the frontiers of Al-RaqqaCity, those sentinels of falsehoods and slander have gone silent.  (Note: the death ofAbu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi has also silenced the cackling liars).
Recent reports in the reliable eastern media confirm that there is an organized plan in place to extract the families of the ISIS jackals and repatriate them to either their homelands or, most probably, to areas ISIS believes it can hold indefinitely, like Mosul or parts of southern Turkey – or Libya.  All this means is that there are sober, organized minds amidst the rabble who realize that this poor excuse for a Xanadu is about to go the way of Ozymandias, (if you don’t mind mixed metaphors and conflation of Coleridge and Shelley).  Whole caravans of rodent families have been filmed escaping certain death as they make their way to the dubious security of their Alamo in northern Iraq, or even,  Al-Raqqa.
We have it on the authority of 3 individuals who worked in the Saudi kingdom recently and who narrate a tale of woe and breast-beating in Riyaadh essentially stating that the Saudi apes would like very much to revitalize their ISIS cousins, but, for 2 discomforting facts:  1. The Saudis are nearly broke, having squandered their wealth on other similar campaigns of nihilism, and 2.  a fear their open policies of support for ISIS would further degrade relations with the U.S.
As ISIS continues to contract, its rank-and-file, the minions whose lives are necessarily wasted on ridiculous promises of Paradise, are beginning to wonder how it is that Allah is on their side while they are losing every battle.  With the Iraqi Army at the threshold of conquering Fallooja, the Syrian Army turning off the oil spigot, the death of the Caliph of Cockadoodledoo, the difficulty in obtaining new weapons systems and the unrelenting conflicts with fellow nihilists, ISIS is starting to shrivel.  Their project, has started unraveling and the children they dragged over into their imagined Islamic Utopia are wailing.
LATAKIA:  Here are the areas just liberated from Alqaeda by the Syrian Army and announced by the government:
Sheer Al-Nimr, Al-Nimr, Burj Al-Hayaat, Nawwaara and Nawwaara Hill, Al-Hayaat, ‘Ayn ‘Issa, Al-Shahroora, Mastah Hill, Abu ‘Ali Mountain, Al-Ruwaysa
Close to 35 terrorists killed with many wounded as reported by the Ba’ath Party.
NOTE:  The Western Press is reporting the existence of 51 low level “diplomats” at the State Department who have signed a memorandum urging Obama to strike at President Assad’s military.  What a joke!  Are they planning to go over there and fight themselves?  It’s another Robert Ford extravaganza supported by the Khazar Enclave of Apartheid.
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