Wednesday, 15 June 2016

MADNESS: UN appoints israeli terrorist, Danny Danon, to cover imposing international law and fighting global terrorism

How can the terrorist, who has pledged several times his objection to international resolutions, achieve just outcomes of his new position?! At the same day of Israeli terrorist approval for this legal committee, the UN issued a report accusing Israel of lack of respect for international law. By Motasem A Dalloul Days of Palestine, New York –
The UN has approved Israeli terrorist Danny Danon, who believes in eliminating all Palestinians, head of sensitive legal committee. Danon is officially now the head of the UN Legal Committee, officially known as the Sixth Committee, which deals with sensitive topics including imposing international law and fighting global terrorism. This is the century’s joke that this terrorist and the representative of the terrorist state of Israel is heading an international committee that is responsible for imposing law and fighting terrorism. But it is not strange that this happens in the United Nations, which is the body whose main role is to defend terrorists and justify their acts, while blaming terrorism on people who have nothing to do with terror.
If the organisation respect itself, it would be unbelievable that it approves Israeli terrorist to head this committee while it accuses his country of disrespecting international law almost in all of its reports.
At the same day of Israeli terrorist approval for this legal committee, the UN issued a report accusing Israel of lack of respect for international law.
Head of OCHA in the occupied Palestinian territories David Carden said: “This month, Palestinians enter their 50th year under Israeli occupation. ‘Fragmented Lives’ shows clearly the devastating impact of this ongoing situation.”
The UN official added: “The Israeli occupation has a devastating impact mainly on 4.8 million Palestinians who are increasingly vulnerable due to violations of international humanitarian and human rights law.”
In the wake of his nomination, Danon said: “Israel is a world leader in international law and in fighting terrorism,” noting he would give international law lectures to the world. For himself, it is OK that he ignores his own remarks through which he defies international law, but for the UN, it is not OK. When he was the Israeli Science and Technology minister, Danon said: “We want to apply Israeli sovereignty over all the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.” He also made it very clear that the does not accept at all the two-state solution. This means he want to eliminate all Palestinians; otherwise, they became Jews. “We do not want a Palestinian state,” he said. These are very clear flagrant violations of international law. If he himself is an international law violator, how can he guarantee the just implementation of international law among nations. The UN is not more than an irony.

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