Thursday, 23 June 2016

Message to California Senators: Vote ‘No’ on BDS Bill

gzgen3Posted by Robert:
Dear Senator _______,
I have learned that your Judiciary Committee has before it AB 2844, the California BDS Act of 2016. Even though I am not in your district or a resident of California, this bill concerns foreign affairs and is therefore important to me. The entire movement to ban BDS from peace-and-justice activists’ ability to confront Israel’s endless and evil persecution of the Palestinian people is outrageously wrong. The Palestinians initiated the BDS movement in 2005 as a non-violent means to bring accountability to Israel. Imagine: the Palestinians are routinely excoriated for “violence” against the illegal occupation of their land; shall we now deny them “non-violence” as well?! I ask, in the strongest terms, that you do all in your considerable power as Committee Chair to oppose any and all action on AB 2844! The US Constitution’s First Amendment is under assault, and you must deny this effort to thwart freedom of expression and principled opposition to human-rights abuses by an occupying authority (Israel)! Please let me know of your standing up for law and justice.
Can be emailed or tweeted to individual senators, including Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, chair of the California Senate’s Judiciary Committee:

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