Wednesday, 15 June 2016

[Repetita Iuvant] “In the Name of the Profit” ~ Erdogan’s regime is a rogue state, accomplice of the worst terrorist criminals [Extended Version 49min.]

#A stunning insight into the ISIS-Turkey oil trade.
#Documents shedding light on the ISIS oil trade, jihadist passports with Turkish entry stamps, an instruction booklet – printed in Turkey – on how to wage war against the Syrian government, and more.
#The areas surrounding Shaddadi has large natural oil reserves, and until recently, ISIS militants profited from it, forcing members of the local population to work in their oil industry.
#Piles of detailed invoices used by ISIS to calculate daily revenues from selling oil were found on the site.
#Local residents attested that intermediaries from Raqqa and Aleppo arrived to pick up the oil and often mentioned Turkey, while a captured ISIS recruit admitted on camera that the terrorist group sells oil to Turkey.
#He and another foreign fighter from Saudi Arabia also revealed that it had been easy to cross the Turkish border.

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