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IRAN:   The meeting of the 3 defense ministers was so successful, Russian minister,Sergei Shoigu, insisted “there will be more” of the same.  The meeting was so upbeat that the normally cameral-shy generals permitted reporters to film some of the proceedings for public consumption.  Iran has begun preparations to send more troops into Syria to finally “decapitate” the American-Saudi-Zionist-supported cannibals.
Don’t believe anything other news sources are telling you.  They are basing their reports solely on pronouncements by professional liars inside the terrorist network supported wholly by the Saudi apes and their Turk-Jordanian confederates.  A former Lt. Colonel in the Syrian Army, who deserted his position in order to destroy the people of Syria, one slime bag by the name of Saleem Bakkoor, was killed when he was inspecting a row of IEDs assembled by the Jordanian military for use on the roads in Suwaydaa` Province.  Well, when one went off, so did the rest rendering Mr. Bakkoor into a fine paste suitable for canning and burying in ‘Ammaan, Jordan.  Another 11 rodents, all army deserters,  were either killed or wounded with him in the explosion.   The rodents of this group calling itself the Brigades of the Martyr, Ahmad ‘Abdu, tried to romanticize this vemin’s death by claiming it was the work of an ISIS fellow rat wearing an explosive belt.  You see, according to the rodent reports, this traitor, Bakkoor, was inside a very well-protected base when an ISIS operative snuck in somehow and managed to take down this illustrious specimen of simian waste.  What they didn’t tell you was that the base was inside Jordan and surrounded by Jordan’s General Intelligence Directorate.
This Saudi prostitute was probably drunk on cheap Jordanian arak when he decided to play around with the incompetently assembled explosives.  He was one of the earliest members of the army to fall for the idiotic approaches of the CIA in 2010 when the U.S. was beginning to set in motion its criminal plans to overthrow the government of Dr. Assad.  Like Saleem Idrees and the seemingly vanished Riyaadh Al-As’ad, Bakkoorwas on the fast track to oblivion.
The Brigades of the Martyr, Ahmad ‘Abdu, according to only Western prostitute sources, was committed to fighting both the Assad government and ISIS.  Yeah, sure.  In any case, we are delighted that he’s dead and hope all the rest follow him into the incandescent tunnels of Hell.
Ayn Hussayn Village:  Syrian Army technology is now 21st Century.  Yesterday, the SAA followed spotters’ instructions implicitly and unloaded 10 tons of ordnance on a collection of Alqaeda/Nusra vipers at the entrance to this village in the northern part of the province.  As the murdering savages were conversing about Ramadhaan, and the like, praising one another, no doubt, for an especially well-executed beheading of this apostate or the other, the bombs came a-tumbling down on them killing 14 and wounding scores.  The SAA artillery also destroyed a 14.5mm cannon attached to a Saudi-supplied Toyota flatbed.
Brandon always writes incisively about Syria. Here’s his take on the move toward Al-Raqqa:
Hans Helffer gives us a view on the race to Al-Raqqa:
Fresh on the heels of a major public relations victory in Palmyra, however, the Syrian military is now marching toward Raqqa and, if successful, it will score one of the biggest victories in the five-year war. This is not only because the de facto ISIS capital will be eliminated or because the SAA will gain more territory, it is because the liberation of Raqqa will be yet another example of how the Syrian military will have accomplished in weeks what the United States and coalition members have claimed may take a decade to do. It will be another instance where the lack of will on the part of the United States to actually destroy Daesh is put on display for the rest of the world, either causing the U.S. to look weak in the eyes of the world or exposing it for actually supporting the terrorist organization to begin with. Regardless, the victory for the Syrian government will be twofold.

The rat metaphor is catching on everywhere.  Watch this video sent by Khaled:
Ziad II sends this interview with Senator Richard Black during which he pulls the covers off the lies of the US:
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