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الجيش العربي السوري يدخل مدينة الرقة معقل تنظيم داعش

AL-RAQQA:  The Syrian Army has left Dayr Haafir behind in a relentless push toward the Tabqa Dam and the Jiraah Military Airbase.   The army can move over 25 miles per day, and, ergo, unless ISIS can find the resources to blunt the government’s assault, we predict the army will be outside the Tabqa airbase area tomorrow.  The entire grouping approaching the base is fully mechanized  and highly mobile.  Along the way, the SAA took on a platoon-size pack of ISIS hyenas driving in a Saudi-financed and Turk-supplied 4-wheel drive flatbed.  The driver and his passenger were all too anxious to surrender after the army drew a bead on the vehicle with several Kornets.  The two are being interrogated vigorously.  I have been told, they want safe passage out of Syria.
Rat trash found dead along the way to Al-Raqqa.

In a similar way, the SAA also confiscated a BMB truck at the SyriaTel station east ofDayr Haafir with the help of menacing RuAF Sukhoi’s flying overhead.  I have no other details.
The army is now marching due east on the Latakia-Aleppo-Albukamaal N-4 Highway.  There appears to be little resistance with ISIS trying to maneuver into Aleppo in what appears to be a doomed effort.

Elements of the SAA invasion group seen here in this video as taken by RT:  (Thanks, Khaled and Silvia Iranova)
In Aleppo, the terrorists are trying to buy time for Nusra/Alqaeda by ratcheting up their bombardments of civilian areas in Al-Ansaari Quarter.  Yesterday, and today, they fired numerous volleys of mortars and GRAD rockets at ordinary civilians from the areas inAl-Raashideen which they still control.   At Al-Shaykh Maqsood, Nusra fired artillery at civilian centers and then, switched to firing at Handaraat.

Bursa Village:  We are delighted to announce the death of “Umar Al-Daaghistaani” who was killed by Faylaq Al-Shaam as the latter group was trying to hit Syrian Army targets.  He was killed with 3 or 4 other rodents in what was described by the terrorists as a “friendly fire” mistake.  Yawn.

بعد معارك عنيفة.. الجيش السوري على بعد 25 كم من مطار الطبقة

Popular Militia roam the mountains of Latakia looking for rodents (Thanks, Khaled)
Tony Gratrex sends this ominous article about Turkey’s insistence on sinking into the quagmire:
Afraa Dagher explains why the U.S. is so keen on Al-Raqqa:
Wanna know where ISIS HQs are?  Don’t look to Syria. Look at Western capitals, or so says Brandon:

General Zhahreddeen goes for his usual morning constitutional.  (Thanks to Khaled)
Ba’ath Party members sit down for a light lunch before going to kill miserable Wahhabist rodents.
(Thanks Khaled and Silvia)
Members of the SSNP discovered these IEDs made to look like ordinary stones on the road to Al-Zaakiya. These are certainly made by the Zionist Abomination and their sick quacks. (Thanks, Khaled)
On the approach to Al-Raqqa only 25 miles away.
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