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Syrian civilians who volunteered to join local Self Protection Units to protect their neighbourhoods alongside the Syrian army attend training in Damascus countryside, Syria
The epaulet says “Humaatu-Al-Diyaar”, the title of Syria’s national anthem.  It means “Defenders of the Country”.  On his chest, this member of the Popular Defense Committees proudly announces that he belongs to “Assad’s Soldiers”. 

AL-RAQQA:  (June 8, 2016)  The Syrian Army is 50 kms from Al-Raqqa after it annihilated all ISIS positions around the village of Al-Rusaafa.  The SAA and PDC destroyed a van carrying weapons and medical supplies to the terrorists.  Both the driver and his passenger were identified as a Bangla-Deshi and an Iraqi, respectively.  In the air, the story was even more sanguine.  The SAAF and RuAF conducted multiple sorties over positions once held by ISIS and pulverized 11 armored vehicles and an estimated 20 pickups with 23mm and 14.5mm cannons.  One of the most disastrous days in the life of the rat gang called ISIS.
(June 10, 2016)  At the Al-Rusaafa Crossing, the Syrian Army has retaken 2 oil pumping facilities from ISIS, further deepening the economic crisis afflicting this criminal cabal of cannibals.  The Syrian Army has also taken over the Electrical Station that used to provide Al-Raqqa with electricity.  The Syrian military is in no hurry to restore electricity to ISIS.  We can confirm the death or wounding of 92 rodents on this day as reported by the rodents themselves.  21+ pickups were destroyed by the SAAF and SAA rangers carrying RPGs or Kornets.  All supply lines to terrorists between Al-Rusaafa and the administrative borders of Aleppo have been closed.  There are reports of ISIS terrorists trying to redeploy to northern Aleppo province due to their inability to escape eastwards.

الجيش يسيطر على مفرق الرصافة ومحطتي ضخ النفط وكهرباء الطبقة بريف الرقة
(June 11, 2016)  The Athariyya-Tabqa Road was the target of a counter-offensive by those same terrorists I just mentioned in the post of June 10, 2016.  Unable to escape, the terrorist commander thought he would find eternal bliss in Paradise by attacking the attackers at the location of the SyriaTel Tower which gives a nice view of the surrounding landscape.  Unfortunately for the terrorist vermin, holding the hilltop where the tower is located only speeds up the process of starvation as there are no supply lines any longer to this area.  All of that is quite academic, since the rodents were not able to occupy the hilltop and were decisively pushed back.  It was obvious to SAA commanders on the ground that the pathetic vultures were trying desperately to surround SAA forces by interdicting their movements with well-positioned artillery on the hill.  The SAA used medium caliber weapons to foil the attack and the plan and, then, laid waste to the quivering rats.  All 39 ISIS rodents were killed except for one who was taken prisoner with minor wounds.  He pleaded for mercy and explained his membership to be a “terrible mistake”.  That mistake is now being corrected by the Air Force Intelligence agents who are most expert in matters concerning repentance.
Another unit of the SAA cleverly used the maneuverings of the terrorist rodents at this juncture and surrounded them.  Offers to surrender were refused.  The Syrian Army killed all the rodents.
We are now 4kms from Sufyaan Village which is only 15kms from the Tabqa Airbase.   As I write, the SAA and PDC are fortifying their presence at Bi`r Abu Al-‘Allaaj Village.

الجيش يتصدى لهجوم

In fighting in Al-Rushdiyya QuarterAl-Tharda Mountain and ‘Ayyaash Village, the SAA and PDC killed a confirmed 15 ISIS buzzards.  In the Tharda Mountain area, mobile units of the Republican Guards set a trap for a truck loaded with weapons and ammunition and completely destroyed it killing 3 terrorists aboard.  Upon inspection, Syrian soldiers determined that all the equipment coming into the area on this truck was from Turkey.

DER’AH:  Most fighting here took place at the Der’ah Station where the SAA and PDC foiled an attempted Alqaeda/Nusra infiltration killing several rodents.  Another SAA unit took advantage of the commotion and distractions and cut a line into Al-KarakRoundabout and to the South of Al-Manshiyya Quarter destroying whole rows of fortifications.

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