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ALEPPO:  There are several major fronts being fought by the legitimate army of the Syrian Arab Republic, but none is more sensitive than the northern one in Aleppo.  It can be said that Idlib Province is being whittled away slowly by the army in angstroms as more positions are being secured around Jisr Al-Shughoor area. Notwithstanding that, the focus is today on Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and its most industrial.
Hassan Nasrullah, the leader of Hizbollah in Lebanon, made it very clear that the battle for Aleppo is crucial to the existence of the Resistance Front and no effort can be spared in liberating the city.  Why?
It is common knowledge that Erdoghan and his gang of rapists, thieves and pillagers have been diverting major economic assets from Syria’s northern provinces into Turkish lands where his family, for the most part, has swallowed the lion’s share of profit from these illegal activities.  Whether it is industrial equipment from the Al-Shaykh Najjaar orLayramoon areas of Aleppo or Dayr El-Zor and Eastern Homs where the crude oil is pumped by hack engineers, some provided by the Turks, the pattern is all too clear:  if Syria does not recover its economic hubs, the road to recovery will take much longer and require even more financial assistance than many allies are able to bear.
We cannot forget to mention the importance that weasel, Obama, has placed on Aleppo.  While Erdoghan’s vision of a revitalized Ottoman Empire may not fit in with Obama’s strategy, both share one  single obsession which is to give substance to the “moderate opposition’s” stance at the Geneva talks, and failing that, the U.S. will continue to pursue a suicidal policy of aggrandizing the Kurdish groups in the hope that such a relationship will result in the Balkanization of Syria and Iraq.  I have discussed the importance of blocking the projected natural gas pipeline from Iran across Iraq to the Syrian coast in numerous articles.  When one approaches that subject in the shadow of Washington’s reckless promises to the Kurds, it can be seen easily why the U.S. is heading for another major debacle in the foreign policy sphere.  The Kurds simply cannot extend their writ too far south of the imagined borders of a Kurdish state in what its champions call “Rojava”.  In order for the U.S. to accomplish any kind of blockage of the pipeline, Washington must treat with ISIS in an effort to prevent a Syrian Army takeover of the area.  It is now becoming all too clear that U.S. double-dealing and backstabbing has come out of the proverbial dark closet into the light of day.
And that is where Russia has drawn the line.  Whether it’s Saudi Arabia or the United States desperately trying to salvage a disastrous foreign policy fiasco, or Turkey attempting to make real the dreams of the imbecile who sits at the apex of power in Ankara, these competing and, yet,  potentially harmonious policies are running straight into the unshakeable self-interests of the Russian Federation.  And what is even more perilous for the rubes in the White House is the fact that Iran views the entire NATO foray into Syria as nothing more than a dressed up invasion of Iran itself.  Iran cannot, and will not, spare any effort to stop the maniacal attempt to exterminate the Syrian people.  And we have not even seen a 5% effort by Teheran to end the torment.  Only the future will tell how invested Iran is in the longevity of the Syrian government and its institutions.
John Kerry is watching helplessly as the Syrian military on the ground, and its aerial forces, supported energetically by the Russian Air Force are decimating what is left of the NATO-supported terrorists inside Aleppo.  I am receiving good reports on the situation within the city.  For the most part, there is broad deprivation.  Scalping and gouging are the rules of the game today and there is little law enforcement can do to stop it.   However, as a friend told me yesterday, “the leeches who feed off the people in Aleppo know the time has come to find other work”.  There is a sense that the closure of the ‘Ayntaab (Gaziantep)-Castillo Artery will put to death not only the terrorists of Aleppo, but, also, their suppliers and those who, like vampires, suck the blood from the veins of the innocent people of this grand city.  The gangsters are well known to the people and the government.  Their end will not be pretty.

The strongholds of the terrorist groups, almost all Nusra/Alqaeda, Ahraar Al-Shaam and Jaysh Al-Nusra, are in Al-Layramoon, Jam’iyyat Al-Zahraa` and Bani Zayd.  These are areas the terrorists cannot afford to lose lest they lose all Aleppo.  These areas are fed by constant supply from Turkey starting at Gaziantep where the British MI6 is mostly situated as “independent contractors” and moves down to the city via A’zaaz all the way to the Castillo Highway.  This is the terrorist lifeline which cannot be severed.
For the last 2 weeks, in intensifying phases, the Syrian and Russian air forces are reducing Bani Zayd, a totally depopulated quarter of the city with the exception of terrorists and their families, into a fine powder.   The terrorists of Nusra/Alqaedadeliberately fused elements of Ahraar Al-Shaam inside this area in order to give Kerry the fig leaf argument that the groups here should not be attacked since they are not listed as “terrorist groups”, like Alqaeda or ISIS.  The Russians have had enough of that specious argument and Kerry knows that Ahraar Al-Shaam has refused to disconnect itself from Alqaeda.   Fearing a run in with the Russian Air Force, the U.S. has not insisted too hard on relieving the area.  Yesterday, the Syrian Air Force conducted over 40 sorties dropping newly acquired heavy bombs from Russia.
While all this is going on, forces from HZB at Nubbul and Zahraa are moving south (about 2,000 men) to meet up with new forces from Lebanon.  This is all in coordination with the Syrian High Command.   The assault on Bani Zayd and Al-Layramoon will come when all relevant forces are in position.  As of right now, the Gaziantep Highway leading to Castillo is 80% closed.  It’s going to be over soon.
Talking about forces coming together, HZB has sent 1,500 of its crack troops to buttress the forces already at Al-Haadhir.  In the meantime, we have confirmation that the 4th Mechanized Armored Division under command of Maj. GeneralMaaher Al-Assad has arrived at Southern Aleppo to help other groups already there, like Liwaa` Al-Quds and the PDC, to exterminate the American and British-supported rodents.
I have a report, albeit vague, that the PDC assaulted Ahraar Al-Shaam positions in theAl-Zahraa` Association area and killed over 30 rodents.  The fighting involved our troops spreading out to Qubtaan Al-Jabal.  In an effort to impede that redeployment, the terrorists exploded 2 tunnels causing little or not damage to our troops and their weapons.   We are looking at the equivalent of D-Day.

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