Tuesday, 12 July 2016

9/11 And Our Political Crisis: A Talk By Christopher Bollyn

This talk by Christopher Bollyn took place at the home of New York firefighter Rudy Dent on June 26. The event was originally to have taken place at a public theatre in Nyack, New York that had been rented for the occasion, but the theatre owner reportedly came under Zionist pressure and the venue had to be changed.
Also I’ll throw in the following as sort of a bonus. The video, you will observe, is somewhat humorous on the one hand–we see the president of Uganda consistently referring to Israel as “Palestine” in a public speech before an audience that includes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife. On the other hand, it’s a bit disturbing for the reason that Israel clearly seems to be making some significant inroads into Africa, accommodated, at least in this one case, by what appears to be a rather buffoonish national leader. I received a link to the video in an email I got from a friend, who included the following comment:
“Prime Minister Netanyahu travelled to Africa last week visiting 4 countries in 4 days. The highpoint of his visit was to mark the 40th anniversary of Israeli air raid on Entebbe airport where a French Airliner had been hijacked and passengers held hostage. At the time Uganda was ruled by Idi Amin. In the highly successful operation the Israelis rescued the hostages for the loss of one Israeli officer, Lt. Col. Yonatan Netanyahu – the Prime minister’s elder brother.
Mr Netanyahu’s visit has been acclaimed as highly successful in Israeli media. Times of Israel headlined his return home as – ‘Lion King’ Netanyahu outroar the Palestinians.
Uganda is presently ruled by President Museveni. Here he is addressing his distinguished guests from Israel. Please don’t laugh; watch how seriously Mr Netanyahu and his elegant wife are listening to the President.”
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