Saturday, 9 July 2016

Anti-Democratic Pro EU Protestors

[ Ed. note – This woman feels her life is being destroyed, but obviously hasn’t a clue who is responsible for it. ]
Britain is divided post brexit. The main cities voted to remain and the other areas in England & Wales to leave. The disconnect between our political representatives and the people has never been greater. Scotland voted to stay in the EU and is now pushing for another independence vote. The Pro EU campaigners are now bereft. Despite being a rare example of direct democracy in action they have since the result tried to undermine it’s validity and call for another referendum or for the result to be ignored. This will not happen, the people have spoken , the Queen accepted David Cameron’s resignation, possibly even suggested it.
The idea that the referendum could be ruled non-binding or run again is ludicrous. To do so would only en-flame tensions even further leading to riots and worse.
In this video an unidentified PR-EU protester confronts a woman holding a  “Leave” sign.  Quickly she is implicates her in the murder of Jo Cox. The media have portrayed that Jo Cox’s attacker was anti-EU, therefore all Leave campaigners are closet racists and probably secretly condone her murder.
You people are destroying our lives
You are destroying this country, You are destroying the people, You are destroying the relationships with our neighbours.
You are a racist.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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