Thursday, 21 July 2016

Hypocrisy or Democracy!: Turkey Blocks Access to WikiLeaks after Ruling Party email Dump

Turkey has blocked access to the WikiLeaks website, the telecoms watchdog said on Wednesday, hours after it leaked thousands of ruling party emails just as Ankara grapples with the aftermath of a failed military coup, according to Reuters.
Turkey’s Telecommunications Communications Board said on Wednesday that an “administrative measure” had been taken against the website – the term it commonly uses when blocking access to sites.
Around 50,000 soldiers, police, judges and teachers have been suspended or  detained since the attempted coup on the weekend, and Turkey’s Western allies have expressed concern over the crackdown’s reach.
Despite a massive cyberattack on its website, WikiLeaks on Tuesday released nearly 300,000 emails from the AK Party dating from 2010 to July 6 this year. Obtained before the attempted coup, the date of their publication was brought forward “in response to the government’s post-coup purges”, WikiLeaks said on its website.
The source of the emails was not connected to the coup plotters or to a rival political party or state, WikiLeaks said.
Founded by Julian Assange, WikiLeaks publishes leaked material, mostly from governments. In 2010, the organization published classified U.S. military and diplomatic documents in one of the largest information leaks in U.S. history.
Turkey routinely uses Internet shutdowns in response to political events, which critics and human rights advocates see as part of a broader attack on the media and freedom of expression.

Hypocrisy or Democracy!

Sunday, 17 July 2016 17:45
The recent failing coup attempt in the neighboring Turkey has carried many implications and lessons. Syria, the country paying heavy prices of its citizens’ blood, belongings, hopes and aspirations, because of Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his AK Party policies,  followed as the whole world did the events and closely. The Syrians did express pleasure and joy, not out of hatred for their neighbors, who occupied them for centuries, but as a natural national human reflection of their sadness, agony and sufferings.
The Syrian national foreign policy was strongly founded by the Late President Hafez Al-Assad decades ago: no interference in other countries’ domestic affairs. Thus, many Syrians were sad and happy at one time. Many felt happy because we have suffered a great deal at the hands of Erdogan-affiliated cannibals and terrorists of all colors and nationalities, not to mention the tragedy and poverty inflicted at Aleppo at the hands of Aleppo’s burglar. The Syrians’ feelings of sadness were mainly caused by the non-human daesh-like torture, humiliations and slaughtering of some Turkish soldiers at the hands of their co-nationals, which was done before by some extremist Turks against the Syrians for decades, if not for centuries!
The Syrians are not interested in the unfolding and whereabouts of events in their neighboring Turkey. It is not our cup of tea whether there is a whats-up coup there or not! The Syrians are in dire need for stability, peace and security, which would never be attained unless the anti-Syrians on top of them stands Mr. Erdogan, refrain from backing, arming, dispatching and financing the Wahabbi Al- Qaeda affiliates. Erdgan has further to offer apology, condolences and retributions to the Syrians.
Another implication is a good lesson for those who claim to be opposition. Opposition Parties in Turkey all rallied and supported the democratically elected AK Party and as to safeguard Turkey. Apart from their sharp and at times contradictory stances, the opposition in Turkey has indeed given a lesson to how opposition should behave. Hopefully some of the foreign opposition groups in Syria, mainly those affiliated to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, US, France or even to any devil worldwide, could have learned as how to behave and act when it comes to the national higher and upper interests of their Syria!
Among the implications of the failing coup was also the hypocrite multi-standards response of some so-called guardians of human rights and democrac! They turned blind eyes to the ongoing crimes perpetrated on the ground against Turkish Army soldiers, and called for safeguarding the democratically-elected president and government in Turkey. US outgoing President, Mr. Obama, said that Erdogan should be dealt with as the legally elected president; in reflection of the deep rooted US intransigency, complexity and multi-standards. Mr. Obama and other world officials who said so have been plotting, calling and working for the downing of the most popular and democratically elected president on earth and for years!
Dr.Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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