Tuesday, 12 July 2016

israel teaches hate, children being taught to dehumanise Palestinians

When Israeli students asked to draw a Palestinian, they drew a person with horrific appearance
Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -A German news network is to broadcast documentary titled ‘Teaching to Hate?’ aiming to show how Israeli children are taught to kill Palestinians. The documentary, which will be broadcast on ZDF, will make a comparison between how the Palestinian and the Israeli children are educated at schools. Going deep in the documentary, the comparison is struck between the alleged incitement to hatred that Palestinian children are exposed to and to the real incitement which Israeli children receive.
Arabs and Palestinians, the documentary shows, are reflected negatively and presented in a negative light in Israeli textbooks. For example, the documentary shows that the majority of the Israeli students draw a person riding a camel when they are asked to draw an Arab. In a different incident but with almost a similar purpose, most of the Israeli students drew a person with horrific appearance when they were asked to draw a Palestinian. “Surely, this plants the seeds of antagonism and encourages the Israeli students to hate the Palestinians and attack or kill them when there is a chance,” Palestinian psychiatrist Su’ad Selmi told Days of Palestine. After an Israeli uproar, the German TV cancelled the broadcast of the documentary and apologised to Israel. However, it also depicted the Palestinians as teachers of hate, it did not apologise for them.

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