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«Israel’s» Next War in Lebanon Is a Matter of Time!

قناة المنار _ وثائقي قبضة النار

The question remains: Is “Israel” prepared for a third war with Hizbullah and its growing power in the region?
Five years on the “Israeli” aggression on Lebanon and the “Israelis” still feel threatened by Hizbullah whose military capabilities are growing stronger by the day.
"Israeli" soldiers
According to a report by the “Israeli” daily Haaretz, the Second Lebanon War failed disastrously, as the “Israeli” entity’s security cabinet admitted that it had conducted the military attacks sloppily and that the army acted clumsily.
The entity’s army gave in to the fact that an ingenious Lebanese organization managed to extort a draw from a regional power armed with superior technology.
The report mentioned that the war had one major achievement: it delayed the outbreak of a third Lebanon war by more than a decade.
Still, even if it takes its time – and it will – the third Lebanon war is on its way, the report added.
The “Israeli” daily revealed that after the Syrian army’s collapse, the Iraqi army’s evaporation and the Egyptian army’s turning into a friend – Hizbullah today remains the sole conventional factor that poses a significant threat to “Israel”.
And since the Second Lebanon War was conducted the way it was – this threat has intensified sharply in the past decade.Every year of quiet on the northern border has been a year of increased strength north of the border.
To this extent, the “Israeli” apartheid entity is preparing its capabilities as not to be surprised by Hizbullah. Its tens of thousands of combatants and its tens of thousands of rockets could astound the satiated, sleepy and complacent “Israeli” public.
The report went on to say that in the next confrontation,
Hizbullah will totally disrupt “Israel’s” routine life, nationwide. It will damage infrastructure, deal a blow to the economy and cause profound trauma.
For this reason,
“Israel” is working day and night to prepare for this scenario. The “Israeli” chiefs of staff who followed Dan Halutz internalized the failure, learned its lessons and built an optimal answer to the northern threat.
Haaretz indicated that without a strong public, there is no security and without a powerful public system there’s no military power; that it, when hundreds of thousands of “Israelis” fled from their homes in the Second Lebanon War and the regime’s helplessness made masses of people feel abandoned to their fate.
The question remains: Is “Israel” prepared for a third war with Hizbullah and its growing power in the region?
Source: Haaretz, Edited by website team 
15-07-2016 | 15:49
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