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LATAKIA:  The events in Turkey overshadowed almost all developments elsewhere in the Near East as the promise of a new Turkish government was held out for a short time and pocketed quickly thereafter.  The fact that the Turkish military revolt was led by colonels, as opposed to the major brass of the Turk army, should disabuse anyone of a belief in the longevity of this new order.  But, there are many positive developments coming out of the unrest in Turkey.
The first is that the military revolt, coupled with the unceremonious firing of Hakan Fidan, left terrorist groups sponsor-less as they tried to hold on to minor territorial acquisition in the northeast mountains of Latakia.  The Syrian government, anticipating panic among the various Turk units, pounced on the opportunity by cobbling together military assets from surrounding areas of Kinsibba, in the Kurdish Mountains, and putting them to work in a well-thought-out plan to rid the area of the terrorist pestilence.
The terrorists inside Kinsibba were almost all from Nusra/Alqaeda, Jaysh Al-Fath and the 100%  Chinese Uigher gang called Al-Hizb Al-Turkistaani.  The assault on the town was from 3 southern prongs:  From the recently liberated Shillif Citadel, the ToobaalCitadel in the southeast; and Ruwasat Al-Kaneesa/Ra`s Al-Hussein from the northwest.  The Syrian loyalist forces were made up of the Syrian Army, National Defense Forces and the Desert Hawks (Suqoor Al-Baadiya). 

The 3-pronged assault was designed to be parallel with the SAAF and SAA artillery/rocket units pounding terrorist positions without regard to dwellings or infrastructure.  As I told you all before, in previous posts, the population of the town wants nothing more than to be rid of the rodent menace once and for all.  Any destroyed structure can be repaired or replaced; however, the stench of Wahhabism, if permitted to linger, can take much longer to dispel than stacking rehabilitative masonry.
According to our source in Latakia,  the SAA drowned the rodents in wave after wave of rocket fire using GRADs, Katyushas and field thermobarics.  The effect was quite devastating as intercepted rodent chatter disclosed a desire to abandon the town during the first 2 hours of bombardment.  The request to withdraw was monitored by the SAA-MI.  It was negative.  My source tells me that the Saudi cockroach, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, in Idlib, himself, nixed the request to reposition.  He sealed the fate of the remaining hundreds of fellow vermin as they looked at convoys of armor moving stealthily up the roads to Kinsibba.  The rodents were known to have American-manufactured TOW missiles which are very effective against armor.  However, like many other systems, they require a safe place to fire and nerves of steel.  The SAA has mastered the technique of using highly mobile rangers to penetrate enemy lines and make the calm firing of anti-tank rockets a most perilous activity.  Wael tells me that the SAA rangers killed or wounded over 30 TOW and RPG operators by sniping at them mercilessly.
The battle took 12 hours and was most intense and complex.  In the aftermath, the SAA performed a field assessment:  all villages around Kinsibba were liberated along with every overlooking elevation.  5 pickups with 23mm cannons were incinerated in addition to a Mercedes truck for transporting rodents and materiel.  Wael reports that the SAA and its allies killed 88 rats and wounded in excess of 100 with hundreds of others heading for the Turk border.  The rodents did not leave many IEDs and mines this time, so, the job of our engineers was made all that much easier.  As I write, the inhabitants of Kinsibba are sipping Arak and toasting the Syrian Army.  Cheers.
DAMASCUS:  A front which is being ignored, is Daarayyaa.  The terrorist rodents here are becoming increasingly aware that the Jordanian apes who used to funnel in supplies to them and provide them with logistical intelligence, courtesy of the USA and the Zionist Ghetto State, are turning sour on the whole business of terrorism.   They are facing a large SAA force which is advancing block-by-block at a very rapid rate.  Expect Daarayyaa to be rat-free in 7 days.
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