Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Media Documentary: How Americans Become Convinced that Palestine Occupies Israel

While attitudes toward Israel held by the American public are starting to change, particularly among younger Americans who get their news from the Internet, polls taken in years past have shown that a majority, when questioned on the Israel-Palestine conflict, actually believe it is the Palestinians who are occupying Israel. Certainly we can imagine that those who get most of their news from Fox and CNN might be inclined to harbor such erroneous ideas…but of course, if you went to Israel and conducted a similar poll among Jewish settlers in the West Bank, you’d probably hear identical views expressed.
You might even hear similar views expressed if you conducted the same poll among media owners and top ranking media executives in the US.
Or in other words, Palestine is the Khazarian/Ashkenazi homeland and the Palestinians should simply get out and stop “occupying” it.
I’m not sure if the pollsters or the documentary makers took any of that into consideration.
But at any rate, the video above features an interview by Mnar Muhawesh, the lady who runs the Mint Press website, with Sut Jhally, the maker of a new documentary entitled “The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States.” You can go here to view a website set up to promote the film, and here to visit Mint Press.
Below is the documentary’s official trailor.

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