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Update: According to Al mayadeen over 500 terrorist killed

ALEPPO:  The Syrian Army is now in full control of the Castillo Highway as it settles its artillery 1km from the access route into the city.  It’s under complete artillery control and the Turks can’t do anything to help, probably because they’re busy trying to explain how they got this whole thing started from the beginning.  I told you yesterday that the SAA was in control of over 75% of Al-Mallaah Farms.  It’s now over 90% with the rodents staggering in disbelief as reinforcements they brought up for this battle melted away.  They came from Khaan Toomaan and Zaytaan, with scores of suicide drivers to buttress the walls of defense they thought they could put up.  But, the SAA’s tactics anticipated exactly that and the SAAF coupled with brand new rocket systems pummeled away at groups of collecting vermin and wiped them out.

The major terrorist force here is Jaysh Al-Fath which is liaised with Nusra/Alqaeda, Harakat Noor-Al-Deen Al-Zangi, Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islaamiyya, Hizb Al-Islaami Al-Turkistaani, Jaysh Al-‘Izza, Ansaar Al-Shaam, First and Second Coastal Divisions, Jaysh Al-Nasr, Jaysh Al-Tahreer and Jaysh Al-Nusra.  All these groups sent their most prideful nihilists to fight the Syrian Army, but, when it came to surprising our forces, their tactics proved woefully inadequate as their over 40 trucks laden with explosions were all destroyed either by the Air Force or by our roaming rangers armed with Kornets, Milans or RPG anti-tank rockets.
This morning, the SAA positioned artillery at Dhahrat Al-Farraam facing the CastilloHighway and all access routes.   We are also but a 2km distance from Huraytaan. Here are the names of the carcasses which have been collected by the SAA-MI people and the names confirmed:
‘Abdul-Lateef ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Darweesh (Jaysh Al-Fath field commander and career criminal)
Marwaan Khalaf Al-Beedaywi
Mahmoud ‘Abdul-Qaadir Sanaadeeqi
Muhsin Mabrook ‘Arfaan
Shaadi Muhammad Taweel
Wajeeh Ahmad Al-‘Ali Al-Yusuf
Ameen Mahmoud ‘Ali-Bayk
Nabeel Al-Khaalid Ayman Al-Taqi
Khaalid ‘Abdul-Haqq
Ghassaan Abu-Rashaad
Mahdi Hassan Al-Hakeem
Falaah Jaabir ‘Ajlaani
Scores of others were not identified.

In a vain attempt to re-conquer areas lost to the army over the last 6 days, the Jaysh Al-Fath criminals mounted a ferocious attack on SAA positions in the center of the Farms.  If you think ISIS is the only group capable of using over 10 suicide trucks, you’re wrong.  In what might be a record for this war, JF used 13 separate suicide trucks driven by, evidently, a veritable cocktail of Uzbkis, Bangla Deshis, Azerbayjaanis and other simian excrement to break the SAA’s fortified perimeter walls.  Because of superb intelligence, the trucks were picked out by drones and helicopters equipped with night-vision lenses provided by the Russian Federation allowing our air force to swoop down on the miserable insects and render them into crispy chitlin’s.  Huge disaster for rats and cockroaches.
بكمائن سلاح الجو و المدفعية 100 قتيل لـ”جيش الفتح” في مزارع الملاح بريف حلب
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