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Saudi Command Misleading Its People on Yemen Losses: Mujtahid

Saudi whistle-blower Mujtahid, lashed out at the Saudi command over misleading its people on the losses in the Yemen war, stressing that the real losses are much more the announced.
“Unfortunately, the Apatchi was downed by Houthis, it was not crashed due to bad weather. The Apatche operates during hard conditions. They (Houthis) also destroyed three Abrams tanks,” Mujtahid tweeted.
Earlier on Monday, the Command of the Saudi-led Coalition Forces  announced that two Saudi army pilots died when an Apache helicopter crashed in the Yemeni region of Marib in “bad weather.”Helicopter
On his tweets, Mujtahid who is believed to be a member of or have a well-connected source in the royal family, said that the coalition forces are “avenging” from the Yemeni civilians over their losses in battlefield.
“10 civilians were killed and many others were injured in strikes allegedly targeting al-Qaeda. The operation in Jaar was under the request of the US, and definitely no one of al-Qaeda was harmed.”
The Saudi casualties are many more than announced, Mujtahid said, noting that the Houthis revolutionaries, who are also known as Ansarullah, managed to announce their names and ranks “at a time that (spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition, General Ahmed) Assiri  doesn’t know the number of the Houthi casualties.”
Meanwhile, Mujtahid said that the Saudis are trying to find a way to end the war in Yemen, disclosing that there are underway effort to do so.
“(Defense Minister Mohammad) Bin Salman realizes that the continuation of the military battle is not in his interest. He is desperately trying to hold an agreement with the Houthis and the Iranians,” the Saudi  whistle-blower said, noting that such agreement would be mediated by the United Arab Emirates and Oman.
“Our sources in the battlefield say that the Houthis are fully prepared for the confrontation while our forces are in a state of chaos.”
“We would not have said so if the king and his defense minister were indulged in defending the their country, but we have to expose this  treacherous command which is hanging around between Tangier and Paris.”
Source: Al Manar TV
26-07-2016 – 13:56 Last updated 26-07-2016 – 13:56
Local Editor
Five Saudi border guards were killed in clashes along the Yemen border and two Saudi pilots died when their Apache helicopter crashed inside Yemen on Tuesday in one of the deadliest days for the kingdom’s troops in months.
Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry said in a statement the border guards were killed in an eight-hour-long cross-border clash with revolutionaries from Yemen.
In its statement, the Saudi Interior Ministry confessed the death of the five Border Guard personnel – all with the rank of Private First Class – Sulaiman bin Said Al-Maidi; Musa bin Zain Al-Marhabi; Abdullah bin Mohammed Sharahaili; Marzouq bin Said Lasloum; and Jabir bin Ali Al-Alawi.
Also Monday, the Saudi-led coalition said two Saudi pilots died when their helicopter crashed “due to weather conditions,” though it did not specify where in Yemen the crash occurred.
According to the Arabic-language al-Masirah channel, the Saudi helicopter crashed in Ber al-Maraziq area between Mareb and Jawf provinces.
Military officials explained that the air defenses of the Yemeni army and popular committees managed to target the hostile helicopter, which led to its downfall.
The US-backed Saudi-led aggression on Yemen started since March 2015 to restore power to fugitive former president Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi. Since the beginning of the aggression, Hadi fled to Sanaa and then asked refuge in Saudi Arabia.
The war on Yemen had martyred some 9,000 people and pushed the Arab world’s poorest country to the brink of famine. It also enabled both Yemen’s al-Qaida branch and an upstart Daesh [Arabic acronym for “ISIS” / “ISIL”] affiliate to seize territory and carry out large-scale attacks.
Yemeni forces had been engaged in retaliatory operations against the Saudi forces deployed in the country.
A cease-fire declared by the UN since April 10 remains shaky, with both sides reporting numerous breaches. The Saudi-backed Hadi regime and the Ansarullah revolutionaries are currently participating in UN-brokered peace talks in Kuwait.
Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team
26-07-2016 | 10:06
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