Friday, 15 July 2016

Syria Hits Back at Aboul Gheit: Damascus Has No Intention to Get Back into AL

Cartoon Aboul-Gheit going to the Arab League under Israeli control
Syria hit back at remarks made by Arab League Secretary General, saying Damascus has no intention to get back into the Arab League.
Aboul Gheit earlier said that Syria can only have its membership in the Arab League back after reaching consensus between the government and the opposition, adding that Syria issue is very complicated and thorny.
In a statement released on Friday, Syria Foreign Ministry held the Arab League responsible for what has happened in Libya as it pushed for striking the Arab country and later for deepening the crisis in Syria and hindering efforts to solve it.
Syria reaffirms that
“it is not even thinking of going back to the Arab League as long as the latter remains subject to the dominance of countries known for having conspired against Syria and that are responsible for the state of fragmentation, weakness and division within the Arab ranks, the thing that has made it way far from, and even in complete contradiction with, the objectives of its charter, ” an official source at the Syrian ministry said, SANA news agency reported.
In his Thursday remarks, Aboul-Gheit also said Syria cannot take part in the Arab Summit in Nouakchott that is due to be held on July 25-26.
Source: Agencies

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