Friday, 29 July 2016

Syrian Army Controls Aleppo’s Bani Zeid amid Collapse within Terrorists Ranks


Syrian army backed with its allies fully controlled Bani Zeid neighborhood in the city of Aleppo on Thursday.
As the new of Bani Zeid liberation emerged, residents took to streets to celebrate the event, with many raising the Syrian flag and chanting for the Syrian army, Syrian news agency, SANA, reported.
The  above video below shows the Syrian soldiers in Bani Zeid neighborhood.
Earlier on Thursday, military sources told al-Manar that dozens of Takfiri militants withdrew the strategic neighborhood, amid collapse within ranks of the terrorists.
Syrian sources said that the insurgents withdrew Bani Zeid neighborhood as the Syrian army and its allies press ahead with its operation to restore Aleppo.
Bani Zeid lies to the north of Aleppo at the entrance of Aleppo’s northern countryside. The area is the last supply route of the terrorists in northern Aleppo and its capture is considered a military achievement since the terrorists used to shell the residential areas in the city from this area.
Photos emerged from Bani Zeid  show the gas jars which the Takfiri militants were using in shelling the residential areas in Aleppo city.
Earlier on Wednesday, the General Command of the Syrian Army announced that the allied forces managed to all supply lines and corridors that terrorists had been using to transfer mercenaries, weapons, and munitions to the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city.
The General command called on all militants to turn on their weapons, saying they can remain in Aleppo or leave it.
The Syrian army killed Ammar Shaaban, the military commander of “Nour Eddine al-Zenki” terrorist group in Handarat in Aleppo, according to  “Opposition” Sources.
Source: Al Manar TV
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