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By Canthama in his first post on SyrPer:
After the rapid advance last week by the SAA, Desert Hawks, Sea Commandos and NDF, when many hills and villages were liberated in the Kurd’s Mountain including the strategic village of Kinsibba liberated past Saturday in a quick early morning attempt, the terrorist organizations, such as Al Qaeda/Nusra Front and Central Asian Islamists, among others, stormed the Syrian defenses for 48 hours with little to no success.
Yesterday, the Syrian forces have consolidated the past week’s gains while fortifying Kinsibba defenses. New advances were noted northwest of Kinsibba where several hills and three more villages were liberated, Marj Al-Zawiya, Bayt Janaworo and ‘Ayn Al-Ghazaal.
The battles continue to be fierce with front lines often shifting. Most of the Latakia ground lost to the terrorists in their June offensive was recovered already, pushing the terrorists toward the Turkish border once more. It is important to note the fact that the terrorist losses, both in fighters as in equipment, have been extremely high, creating a possible situation of further rapid collapses in their defenses in a not-so-distant future, which could pave the way to finally seal the border and a future advance toward Jisr al Shughoor. But before any attempt in the Idlib Province, the strategic hill town of Kobaanimust be liberated.
The Syrian forces offensive in NE Latakia has been on a straight line so far – no cauldrons being formed – but a straight front line. This formation may indicate that the advancing forces are avoiding any possibility of being trapped or situations that would place the soldiers in a weak position, meaning there have been and there will be many tactical retreats and counter-attacks until the front lines are stable.
Key places to watch for action are Jabal Al- Qal’ah and ‘Ain Al-Qantara (east ofKinsibba), though Kinsibba itself has been frequently used by the Syrian Forces as a buffer zone to attract the terrorists and then bomb again thus increasing their losses.
Nusra's Gvoszdika in NE Lattakia moments before being hit by a ATGM
Nusra’s Gvoszdika in NE Lattakia hit
Nusra's Gvoszdika toasted moments later
Nusra’s Gvoszdika after a direct TOW hit
Full video below :
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(Photo courtesy of Sputnik News)
ALEPPO:  All eyes are on Al-Layramoon.  The Syrian Army was able, yesterday, to complete control over the very center of this industrial suburb of Syria’s largest and most opulent city.  As I write, Syrian Army engineers are dismantling large numbers of IEDs and mines planted by the escaping rodents of Nusra/Alqaeda and the Nooreddeen Zangigangsters at the Al-Layramoon Roundabout.  While the roundabout is not crucial to the encirclement operation, it is proof that the rodents have been shattered by the sheer power of this recent government assault.  The Syrian Army is only a few meters now from Dhahrat ‘Abid Rabbuh (Dhahra means “summit” of a hill).
Of importance, also, is the fact that the Syrian Army has shown remarkable perspicacity in taking back areas crucial to the economy of the city, like the SADCOP factory.  I have been informed that civil engineers and company administrators are on the scene evaluating how quickly they can have the factory operating again.
Intercepted communications of Nusra/Alqaeda with their English terrorist handlers are becoming infrequent now.  I have been told that the majority of contacts now are with Idlib.  With the Zangi group suffering unsustainable losses,  Nusra is desperate for reinforcements and the only group capable of providing such assistance is Jaysh Al-Fath.
IDLIB:  News monitored out of Idlib indicate that the Jaysh Al-Fath leader, a pretender to a judgeship, the ignorant buffoon and child molester, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, is going insane.  We know this because his doctor, a local physician, has been recorded on telephone contacting Reyhanli (Turk Occupied Syria) and asking for a prescription described as “Atropeen” and an anti-spasmodic (مضاد للتشنج), which he needs in order to combat a condition evidently afflicting the ersatz judge after he was accidentally exposed to some nerve agents with which his inept rodents were experimenting.  According to Wael, in Latakia, Al-Muhaysini is exhibiting signs of hysteria as he has started to mumble nonsense such as “the siege of Aleppo has not been successful” and “our mujaahideed own Kinsibba”, inter alia.  He has called up a “general mobilization” which is particularly amusing since he did the same thing 6 days ago.

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