Sunday, 10 July 2016

When Her Lips Are Moving…

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[ Ed. note – the old saying–“How do you know when so-and-so is lying?” (answer: “when his lips are moving”)–seems to apply to Hillary Clinton. Mainstream media are reporting today that Bernie Sanders plans to formally endorse Clinton at an event on Tuesday of next week–that is if he can squeeze a few more concessions out of her supporters on the Democratic Party Platform Committee, including opposition to the TPP.
I wish him luck on that, but of course the party platform is not a legally-binding document, and I’m not sure a pledge of support for it issued from the moving lips of Hillary Clinton is worth much.
The Wall Street Journal is reporting on Clinton’s recently-announced support for free college tuition.
In a bid to win over rival Bernie Sanders and his supporters, Democrat Hillary Clinton is expanding her plan to offer free college tuition to millions of families, a modified version of what Mr. Sanders pushed in his presidential campaign.
The new Clinton proposal would offer free tuition at public schools to students in families earning $85,000 a year or less, at first, with that threshold increasing to $125,000 by 2021.
Sounds wonderful! Too good to be true?
Clinton has also pledged her opposition to the BDS movement, which presumably means she will support legislation at the federal level similar to that already passed by a number of states–basically penalizing those who call for a boycott of Israel. Out of the two campaign promises–support for free tuition and opposition to BDS–which do you think Clinton is more likely to keep?
I suspect a day is coming when Americans are likely to have far more to worry about than who becomes the next the president.

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