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مصدر عسكري.. الإرهابيون لم يتمكنوا من كسر
The test is very simple and it’s based on Britain’s cynical presence in the center of the terrorist catastrophe in Syria.  Remember, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is run by a person named Usaamaa Sulaymaan, (a/k/a Raami ‘Abdul-Rahmaan) who is a convicted felon in Syria and an agent of the British government, specifically the Foreign Office and MI6.  His job is to coordinate his lies with events on the ground.  We have caught his disinformation many times when he has announced terrorist attacks before they even happened proving his own ties to the mass murderers in England.  This time, his collaboration is clear and incontrovertible.
From his home in Coventry, England, he disseminates disinformation based on a “network” of informants and sources inside Syria.  He is a one-man operation except that he has someone to edit his texts for him because his English is so lamentable.  The editor is none other than MI6.  He tries to convey trustworthiness by occasionally announcing Syrian Army victories and, thus, lays the groundwork for the “spectacular” lies for which he is also famous.  You have seen Reuters, AFP, UPI, ABC and others quote him as though he was a reliable and documentable source.  In truth, as I have written before based on information from Syrians with knowledge, SOHR has no sources in Syria other than British MI6 agents roaming the countryside.  Their information is skewed in such a way so as to buttress claims of terrorist victories and, ergo, to degrade Syrian civilian morale.  (Of note, to this day, there has been no detectable change in British maliciousness in Syria after Cameron’s humiliating departure.)
Most of my readers know that Jaysh Al-Fath committed thousands of its most ignorant cockroaches to the campaign to regain the terrorist foothold in Aleppo.  Before I left to attend my son’s wedding reception last Thursday, the entire city of Aleppo was encircled by the Syrian Army in what everyone agrees was one of the most pivotal battles of the entire Syrian war.  As I was leaving, I had received reports about the Saudi shaman,‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, actually guaranteeing 2 extra virgins (Virginians?) for those who are martyred in Aleppo.  While all this was going on, Jaysh Al-Fath emerged out of Idlib Province and invaded southern Aleppo City, targeting the military institutions to the south at Al-Raamoosa.  With that, SOHR, even before any breaking of the siege having taken place, announced with authority that “the rebels had opened up a corridor to the eastern suburbs” essentially providing the besieged rodents inside with an avenue for resupply.
This entire story is false.  It is even more false that the rodents had been able to enter the 4th District inside Al-Hamadaaniyya suburb.  (See map).  This was a completely made up story by sources as compromised Al-‘Arabiyya, TV Orient, Al-Jazeera, BBC and others similarly addicted to purveying outright falsehoods.
During the last 3 days, the Syrian Army has confirmed killing over 500 terrorist vermin most of whom belonged to Jaysh Al-Fath.  There are thousands wounded and without access to medical care.  The College of Armaments and Logistics has been destroyed, not by the terrorists, but, by the Russian and Syrian air forces with hundreds of rodents crawling inside.  This was a major catastrophe for the terrorists and brought into relief the complete collapse of the British military presence in Turkey as it relates to the conduct of the terrorist war against the Syrian people.  Please note that theNooreddine Al-Zangi group has been effectively annihilated in the Aleppo battles.  The remnant rodents of that group are being actively recruited by other criminal organizations.
As of right now, a “theoretical” corridor has been opened from the southwest of the city to the eastern suburbs.  It is only in theory, however, since the corridor is extremely narrow and under Syrian Army artillery control.  The only accomplishment attributable to the attack was an even narrower corridor into the military academies.  To this day and this hour, not one single item of resupply has entered the eastern suburbs although the SAA and the Russian humanitarian campaigns continue unabated inside the city.

I have just received reports that the terrorists have begun retreating from the military institutions near Al-Raamoosa.   I’m waiting for further details. What we do know for certain is that as of yesterday, Sunday, the terrorists were trapped inside the military academies, and, based on intercepted communications, were pinned down especially atTasleeh (armaments) University.
The attack on the southwestern suburbs started on Thursday night with 6 separate suicide trucks; the second wave concentrating on the Military academies.  The Tiger Forces, led by Major General Suhayl Al-Hassan, blunted the attack on the university after detecting the use of a suicide bomber.  Once again, knowledge of the enemy’s movements was crucial in preventing unnecessary fatalities.  The truck was destroyed well before it reached its target.  Once that was accomplished, the Tiger Forces, deploying brand new Russian T-90 battle tanks, made mincemeat of the attacking vultures.  The entire forward assault forces of Jaysh Al-Fath and Nusra were destroyed during daylight hours when the air force was more active;  and for the rest of Saturday and Sunday, General Al-Hassan’s troops were in mop-up mode.  According to sources on location at the time, over 400 rodents had been confirmed killed here, especially the group made up of mostly Turkmen.  The military academies are under the total control of the Syrian Army at the present time.  Do not believe one word from any of the disinformation sources like Al-Jazeera or AFB.

This morning, the Syrian Air Force had flown 21 sorties with 86 actual bombings destroying 3 HQs of JF at Khaan Toomaan and Khaan Al-‘Asal.  The RuAF and SAAF together pulverized 4 convoys coming out of Idlib at the Saraaqib/Aleppo axis, theTaftanaaz/Aleppo Road and the Al-Zurba/Aleppo Road.
الجيش السوري يثبت مواقعه في محيط الكليات العسكرية و يعلن جنوب حلب منطقة عسكرية 
In related developments, the SAA has taken control of all the hills surrounding theMa’arkibba Village and the Al-Tuwayni Pumping Station in north Hama Province.  The SAA engineering units are dismantling the network of IEDs and mines planted by the rodents.

‘Atshaan Village and Al-Lataamina:  The SAA struck hard at terrorists making preparations to reinforce their fellow rodents in Aleppo.  16 rats belonging to the Ahraar Al-Shaam, Al-Ittihaad Al-Islaami Li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam and Tajammu’ Al-‘Izza groups were all hit hard.  30+ rodents were confirmed wounded.
Hawsh Nasri Village:  The Syrian Army has liberated this village in the Ghoutaa and surrounding areas as of August 7, 2016.

Hawsh Al-Faara:  Just liberated by the SAA.  More news to follow.

(Photos of the carnage around Aleppo sent to us by Khaled Nawaz Al-Nouri)
(Archival photo)
264 former rodents have surrendered and asked for amnesty, many promising to fight with militias on the side of the government.  The majority of the former terrorists were from Izra’ and Al-Yaadoodaa.

Tafass-Yaadoodaa Road:  The SAA deployed special operations units here supported by the PDC to set up an ambush for a group called Liwaa` Al-Mu’tazz bi-Illaah.  14 rodents were killed:
Muhammad Khayr ‘Alaa` Al-Zawbaani
Mansoor Muhammad Al-Zawbaani
“Abu Raashid” reportedly left for Jordan with mortal wounds.
Jihaad ‘Ali Hassan Taqtaq
The rest were all foreigners.
LATAKIA:  Kinsibba has been liberated again along with the Shillif Citadel and Tallat Toobaal.
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