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مراسل العالم: مقتل قطري في ريف حلب+فيديو
ALEPPO:  The main supply routes to the rodents of East Aleppo, who are now trapped like rats (ahem) amidst the impoverished citizens who have to tolerate their stench, inter alia, are:  Qubtaan Al-Jabal-Daarat ‘Izza-North Idlib rural areas AND Idlib city – Saraaqib – Khaan Toomaan.  Now that the Turk border appears to be more reliably tightened than before with Erdoghan doing his best to cajole Vlad, the Syrian and Russian air forces are having a field day punishing mobile rodents as they try to inch their way to southern Aleppo.  In point of fact, if it were not for the massive assault by Jaysh Al-Fath andNusra/Alqaeda on the SAA front lines at Al-Raamoosa and the military colleges, the routes would not have been discovered.  That is all in the past now.
Yesterday, the SAAF descended upon Saraaqib and devastated 3 separate convoys of much-needed arms in Southern Aleppo.  The SAAF flew 35 times and struck 94 times separate targets around this border town.  The plan is to choke off all resupply and reinforcement to the brooding rodents who have now found themselves between a rock and a hard place as they try to absorb the massive artillery and rocket barrages descending upon them hourly.
We can now confirm that the SAA has advanced in the 1070 Project liberating a minimum of 5 blocks.  In the process, the Nusra gang of illiterate zombies threw 8 suicide trucks into the fray.  Every truck was incinerated before it could reach its target.  The SAA also destroyed 3 armored cars and killed this rat-ape:
Yusuf Zaw’ah (“Abu ‘Abbood.  He was a major field commander in Jaysh Al-Mujaahideen.)

At Khaalisa, Khaan Toomaan and Binnish, these terrorist leaders were announced dead as doornails by the terrorist cannibal websites:

‘Abdul-Qaadir Na’saani (Nusra leader)
Abu Al-Muthannaa Al-Hamawi (referred to as a commando leader of Nusra/Alqaeda)
Ahmad Al-Haayik (Jaysh Al-Fath leader.  A/k/a “Abu Muhannad Al-Salafi)
Muhammad Al-Haaj ‘Abbood (Field commander for Jaysh Al-Fath.  LIBYAN FLY LARVA known as “Abu Ahmad Al-Leebi”)
Kamaal Al-Ahmad (Abu Ma’roof.  Jaysh Al-Islam field commander)
Mahmoud Sinda (Jaysh Al-Islam field commander.  A/k/a “Abu Khayru)
Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shaami (Id pending. Ahraar Al-Shaam field commander)
As I mentioned earlier, the Syrian Army has uncovered routes used by the terrorists to deliver weapons at will all over the North.  For that reason, you will notice that the SAAF and RuAF have been shellacking Idlib mercilessly for days.  They have targeted logistics and points of concentration in an effort to close the entire area to the rodents of Aleppo.  We have been focusing mostly on the Industrial District of Idlib, the College of Literature of Idlib University which is now a warehouse for weapons and ammunition, the Cultural Center, Taxi stations, the public stadium at Al-Arba’een Street and the Haaroon Al-Rasheed School.  With that comes the blinding force used to exterminate the rodents around Saraaqib.  We will have more on this as the campaign intensifies.

الجيش السوري يوقع تحالف جيش الفتح الارهابي في فخ
AL-RAQQA:  RUSSIAN TU-22/M-3 long range heavy strategic bombers have struckAl-Raqqa today with thermobaric bombs destroying a factory for chemical weapons, a large warehouse storing ammunition and a major training base for terrorist cockroaches.   The bombers took off from bases near the Caspian Sea and landed afterwards at Humaymeem Airbase in Latakia.
قاذفات روسية تنفذ سلسلة غارات على محيط مدينة الرقة

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Russian bombers destroy Daesh targets near Palmyra ~ Evidence of UK troops on the ground in Syria to help moderate terrorists to overthrow the government in Damascus

The evidence of the different roles, the Russian one and of the US alliance, in the “real” and “false” fight against terrorism (RT news submitted by ‘Lone Bear‘)
Tu-22M3 long-range strategic and maritime strike bomber
Tu-22M3 long-range strategic and maritime strike bomber. © Evgeny Biyatov / Sputnik

Russian long-range bombers destroy ISIS targets near Palmyra

Six long-range bombers took off from Russia and carried out successful airstrikes against Islamic State targets near the Syrian city of Palmyra, the Russian Defense Ministry has said.
“On August 8, 2016, six Tu-22M3 long-range bombers, coming from Russian territory, performed a concentrated airstrike with high-explosive ammunition against the facilities of Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL] in areas east and northwest of Palmyra, near the settlements of Es Sukhne and Arak,” the ministry said in a statement.
According to the ministry, a control center and large terrorist training camp were destroyed in the bombardment near Es Sukhne.
“In the area surrounding Palmyra and Arak, control centers, underground storage of ammunition and weaponry, three infantry fighting vehicles, 12 off-road vehicles with heavy machine guns and a large number of enemy personnel were destroyed,” the Defense Ministry said.
The Russian bombers successfully returned to base after executing their combat mission.
Russia has been carrying out airstrikes against Islamic State, Al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups since September 30, 2015, at the request of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
The long-range bombers joined the campaign in November last year after an IS-claimed terrorist attack led to the downing of a Russian A321 passenger jet over the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.


Illegal incursion:
1st photo evidence allegedly appears of British presence in Syria

Photos purporting to depict British special forces operating on the Syria-Iraq border are believed to be the first photo evidence of UK troops on the ground in Syria. The pictures show heavily armed troops in patrol vehicles near a recent battle scene.
Obtained by the BBC and published on Monday, the photos show several UK patrol vehicles with troops perched atop them and several heavy-duty military trucks in a half-circle, which appear to be watching the perimeter.
The photos are believed to have been taken in June in the aftermath of an Islamic State (IS, ISIS/formerly ISIL) attack on the New Syrian Army, so-called “moderate” rebels, around the Al Tanaf base in Syria, which is on the Iraqi border.
Although the troops appear to be equipped with all manner of heavy artillery and weapons, including sniper rifles, machine guns, and anti-tank missiles, witnesses have said the British forces were there in a defensive role, apparently watching the horizon for signs of a new attack, the BBC says.
Neither the British Ministry of Defense, nor the rebel army chose to comment, but a rebel spokesman did say “We are receiving special forces training from our British and American partners. We’re also getting weapons and equipment from the Pentagon as well as complete air support.”
If the photos are verified, it would be worrying news, however. The presence of British troops on the ground in Syria would constitute a breach – yet another – of Syrian sovereignty. No foreign troops except Russian have been sanctioned by Syria’s government to operate within its borders – a point Syrian President Bashar Assad has repeated on numerous occasions.
Russian forces have been pummeling IS with rockets since September and achieved significant progress, despite the reports propagated in a smear campaign initiated by parties that have been operating in Syria illegally, without invitation, which have been picked up by the Western media.
The Pentagon’s program to train a rebel army capable of driving out IS has already been declared a flop. Despite a seemingly clear-cut mission to unite all local elements opposed to Islamic extremism, the initiative was not able muster a decent-sized force. To make matters worse, plenty of the recruits defected and many of their weapons somehow ended up in the hands of Al-Qaeda and IS terrorists.
Late last year, a report was made to Congress which acknowledged that, of the proposed 5,000 fighters meant to form a so-called moderate Syrian rebel army, only “four or five” were actually in fighting at the time.
The Pentagon’s resistance army failed to strike fear into the hearts of IS, which recently filmed a propaganda video showing one of the US trained fighters being beheading. The Al-Bukamal attack in June ended in the death of four soldiers and the capture of equipment. Reports also emerged at the time that several rebel factions affiliated with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) had switched sides.
The previous month, the White House had asked Congress for half-a-billion dollars to help fund its ill-feted rebel program, and in July it was decided that some 560 additional US troops would also be sent over – although theater of operation is to be in Mosul, an Iraqi city that IS captured in 2014. This would bring American troop numbers in Iraq up to 4,650, and more reinforcements were not being ruled out in July.


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