Monday, 22 August 2016

All Children’s Lives Matter (including the ones in Western Aleppo)

The western media seem to show sympathy for children in a very selective manner. As these two videos demonstrate, children don’t seem to get much attention when they get bombed by “moderate rebels.” Shrapnel fire tearing into the bodies of kids in government-controlled western Aleppo gets met with a decidedly ho-hum response from the media, as the video report above shows…and in the video below we branch into other conflict areas, including the war in Yemen, where similar scenes, once again, don’t seem to make it onto the media’s radar…
The spin given by the western media to the “boy in the ambulance” story is that Russia is to blame, which of course puts pressure on the Russians to agree to another ceasefire–another ceasefire that will give the terrorists time to re-equip, rearm, and replenish their ranks, this coming conveniently just as the tide was once again starting to turn against them.
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By the way, two websites have put up posts with evidence suggesting the video of the boy may well be staged. The Aleppo Media Center, supposedly the source of the video, is covered by Off-Guardian, which dug up a two-year-old Facebook post that casts the organization in a rather dubious light. In a second post,here, Off-Guardian also publishes a series of photos of “Mahmoud Raslan,” the “photojournalist” quoted extensively by the mainstream media. One of the photos shows Raslan pictured with a group of men, a couple of whom look strikingly similar to those who show up in a video that made news back in July–showing the gruesome beheading of 12-year-old Abdullah Issa. (Portions of that video are shown in the second RT report above. You can also gohere to view a post I put up about it at the time.)
Moon of Alabama has also put up a post delving into the issue of how head wounds typically bleed profusely and why the blood on the head of the small boy in the orange ambulance seat looks as if it were painted on.
“When I rode ambulances as a first-responder, people with head wounds always bled like stuck pigs,” comments Moon of Alabama.
Whether the whole thing was or wasn’t staged is perhaps to some degree beside the point. The bottom line is that the lives of all children matter–not just those whose sufferings can be exploited for propaganda purposes by western media.
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