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Crocodile tears on Syrian children

Sunday, 28 August 2016 09:15
Over the past five years, the US and its Western allies have been using the UN and its various bodies to politicize the crisis in Syria and prevent finding a political solution that halts the bloodshed in Syria and guarantees the Syrian sovereignty. The humanitarian aid and the situation of children have been taken by several UN bodies to elongate the crisis in Syria and achieve sinister political objectives, because all the UN reports have ignored the real reason behind the suffering of the Syrian people and children, namely the takfiri terrorism and its Western and regional supporters.
The recent UN report about children and armed conflicts didn’t deal with the main reason behind the suffering of children in Syria.The suffering of the children has been caused by the systematic insistence on spreading the rules of the extremist Wahhabi ideology which was established by Al Saud by adopting the deviant extremist Mohammad Ben Abdul Wahab who advocated acts of killing, massacring, invasion, abducting women, and slitting the bellies of pregnant women.
The heinous crime of slaughtering the Palestinian child Abdullah Issa perpetrated by an “opposition faction” that includes a group of thieves created in Turkey and belonging to NourEddinZenki movement, which is a terrorist organization that applies the approach of the Wahhabi ideological perversion and receives financial and military support from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Turkish regime, and western countries, some of which are members at the Security Council.
The Wahhabi regimes, which carries out a bloody project to eliminate the children in Syria and Iraq, have facilitated the extermination of children in al-Zara town in Hama countryside, children who were killed in cold blood by so-called “moderate opposition” .These regimes have also caused the drowning of the Syrian child Elan on a Turkish shore and the death of hundreds of children by the airplanes of the so-called international US-led coalition in Manbej city in Aleppo countryside.
Those regimes are striving to ignite the “southern front” to reap more lives of innocent children and  alleviate the pressure on the terrorists of the north who collapsed before the Syrian Army and Armed Forces.The operations room in Amman which includes Arab, foreign, and Israeli intelligence agencies, is mobilizing between 7,000 to 9,000 gunmen in Jordan in preparation for unleashing this barbaric “moderate opposition” at the southern borders of Syria so that they can “practice their moderation” by killing children, destroying infrastructure, and attacking the Syrian army.
The recent UN report ignored the suffering of the Syrian children in refugee camps in neighboring countries.The inhuman practices against Syrian children include rape, human trafficking, recruitment, and human organ trafficking which take place in the refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon, mainly in Nizip Refugee Camp in Gaziantep in Turkey.
There are reports by the American New York Times and the Turkish BirGun newspapers which state that around 30 Syrian children were raped, forced to join terrorist groups, and forced to work all day long in textiles factories in Gaziantep. There are also around one million Syrian children living in Turkey, thousands of them working in factories and confectionaries shops and can’t read or write. Two children died in al-Raqban camp in Jordan due to the poor conditions, lack of healthcare, and contaminated water which led to the death of 10-month-old child FadiaKhaled who contracted jaundice.
There should be  an investigation into the fate of hundreds of Syrian children who were kidnapped by the so-called “Free Army,” al-Tawhid Legion, and Jaish al-Islam terrorist organizations in the countryside of Damascus, Aleppo, and Lattakia.
Those who had prepared the report also omitted any mention of the coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrian people and their children and the role of these measures in making the life of the children in Syria very difficult.
Those who shed crocodile tears on the situation of the Syrian children in Aleppo and Idleb are the same ones who are partners in shedding the blood of the Syrian children and who are working on igniting the “southern frontto perpetuate the suffering of Syrian people and children, elongate the crisis in Syria and achieve the sinister objectives of the Zionist American project in the region.

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