Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Election pantomime: Voting For The Best-Fit Hat For The Master

OK! It is the ‘Election’ year, again – Your opportunity to ‘Vote’ and ‘Elect’ your next ‘President’. You are excited, bursting with the hope that your new ‘Al Presidante’ will fulfill his/her promises and work ceaselessly to glorify the nation ‘again’, bring back the jobs and prosperity, and, above all, bomb our ‘enemies’ to the smithereens.
And, the great news is that you have a battalion of the very best and deserving of the candidates to chose from!
But, wait a minute, haven’t we been voting for the last couple of hundreds of years? Are not we electing and sending our own representatives to run our government for us? So, why in the name of the Sumatran Orangutan are we in such a mess? Why our tomorrow has been looking bleaker than our yesterday?
While the wealth of the billionaires has been growing steadily – without even one hick-up, for the last two centuries, the voters are being asked to toughen up and learn to adopt to survive on less and less. While the controlling billionaires’ fronts, their big banks and investment institutions, were being bailed out to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars – the money that your coming generations will have to pay for, your homes were being foreclosed as you were unable to pay the mortgage.
More than 34 Trillion Dollars were created – drastically diluting the worth of your savings and retirement accounts, to “Bailout” the same banks and institutions that kept on foreclosing your homes, while only $11 trillion could have paid off all the existing mortgages on the residential real estate, thus, freeing up billions of dollars a month for the consumer spending that, in turn, could have reinvigorated every sector of the economy. Your elected government, instead, opted to feed the Fat Cats – leaving you in “Hope” of the “Change” to come.
You have , in fact, zero rights – Your governments, from Democrats to Republicans, and back from Republicans to Democrats, keep on enacting the laws to further curb your rights and freedom. Instead of serving you, they govern you and rule you. Were not our elected representatives suppose to listen to us and obey our instructions?
Doesn’t it seem to be some thing very rotten here?
May it be that we have been sold an illusion, – a dream – The American Dream? Do you realize that dreams are just the dreams – not the reality? Dreams remain the dreams – that is why they are dreams.
You have been brain washed from the childhood to have faith in the system. You have been told all your life to obey and follow the system – Don’t like the present administration, just wait for the next election, and you will have the opportunity to elect the government of your own choice – The System works!
But, the question one needs to ask, works for whom?
Back in the 1980, The villain was President Carter and the Democratic Party. Iranian mullahs had taken the US embassy staff hostage, and the rescue operation had ended up in disaster. On top of that, the interest rates had crossed the 20% mark, causing the economy to take a nose dive.
So, the voters elected Ronald Reagan, the actor ‘Gubernator’ of California, to run the front for Bush Sr. who paved the way for whatever we are going through now.
After getting done with the behind the scene work, he needed to take the front stage. So, Bush Sr. was elected the next President. It was him who was behind the Iran-Contra scandal and the Savings and Loan scandal. His son and buddies siphoned off over $500,000,000,000 – Those were the times when the “billions” used to be the real “Big Billions” – not the present day billions, pulverized by the trillions of dollars flushed into the coffers of the Fat Cats via the QE .
It was during his era that, utilizing his family’s connections with the likes of Carlyle Group and Petro-Kings and Sheikhs, the country was put on course to perpetual and never ending wars.
Had the voters authorized any of his adventures?
Once he was done with his job, the voter elected his protégé, Bill Clinton – A smooth transition from the Republicans to Democrats, as usual. Clinton, beside screwing Monica Lewinsky, ended up screwing the nation – It was under him that The Act on Patriots was compiled and made ready for the Bush Jr. to promulgate.
Clinton done with the task, the voter elected George Jr. – since Clinton had sabotagedthe voters’ other choice, Al Gore, George Jr. had no problem. George Jr., using the gates opened by Bill Clinton, facilitated the Big Loots and Big Swindles by the Fat Cats . It was under him that the Mother of all False Flags was carried out to further the wars started by his father.
Then, the voters hopped on the wagon of Hope and Change. And, the result is all in front of our eyes.
Now, Obama is the villain. He is the cause of all of our miseries. He has screwed all of us real bad. The real economy is in the gutter. Middle class has been decimated. Education and home ownership both are beyond the reach of the so called middle class. Students are coming out from schools burdened with an average debt of $100,000. With no prospects of a decent job, most of them are destined for the slavery – prospects of which may not be far off the chart.
But, the hope is still there. Just a few more months, and we will have the opportunity toelect our Republican president – most probably, Donald Trump the Billionaire, who will fix every thing that has gone wrong under Obama.
This cycle has been going on for generations, from the Republicans to Democrats, and back to the Republican. The same game is being played for centuries. With every swap, billionaires’ billions keep on growing, and you keep on plunging deeper and deeper in a state of despair and destitute.
Did it ever occur to you that you – the voter, have been duped into the role of a dedicated butler? You have been asked to pick up the two hats that are pointed to you, and your job is to make a judgment call, and, very ceremoniously, put one of the hats on your master’s head – The choice is your. That is a privilege, and an honor granted to you in recognition of your loyalty and service to your masters. A great honor to be proud of, indeed!
So, the big question that is going to have a profound effect on your life is; which hat are you going to chose to grace your master’s head the next time?

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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