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By Canthama “Exclusive to SyrPer”

The last two days have been very challenging in the western front, a combined force of many terrorist factions have launched a “all at once” attack toward the Ramousehcorridor. This is on going battle so events are fluid.
It is important to understand the dynamics of this attack, the strategy has been to storm from both sides of the corridor, west-east-west, aiming to break the siege and with that cutting the western supply route to 1.5 million Syrians inside Aleppo, leaving only the eastern supply route newly opened at Al Mallah/Bani Zayd.
The terrorists’s offensive has started 7 days ago and managed to penetrate quickly toward the corridor, but it found hard to cross the artillery base defensive lines. That changed yesterday when the terrorists used multiple VBEIDs to storm the perimeter of the base. After 5 hours of fierce fighting the terrorists retreated after reporting very large casualties, but after few hours a second wave attacked late in the night and this time quickly advanced inside the military base complex, where in few hours they managed to hold positions inside the Armament College, the Ramouseh Artillery and Academy bases, while it seems, by early morning, the new front line has been settled between the Artillery base and the Airforce Technical Division.
Late at night, the Syrian High Command has taken the decision to divert large forces from the nearby fronts to counter the terrorists offensive and to push them back toward the previous front line, among them it was reported that the Tiger Forces have arrived sometime in morning while a large convoy sent from Al Hadher, southern Aleppo, was already engaging the enemy at the Airforce Technical Division, it seems the High Command decision proved decisive after all.
Map credit to Peto Lucem @PetoLucem
By midday, the terrorists inside eastern Aleppo have started their offensive east-west in other to force the split in the Syrian and allies forces and to speed up cutting theRamouseh supply route connecting with the fellow terrorists that were at the time inside the Artillery base. At that moment in time, many media channels were releasing news that the siege has been broken, many maps popped up and hundreds of tweets celebrating the terrorists supposed achievement.
But, the reality was very different, while the terrorists’s supporters were celebrating their supposed victory, some Syrian and Lebanese TV channels were reporting life from theRamouseh roundabout, a place the terrorists were claiming to be captured, besides, maybe unknown to the internet terrorist’s “cheer leaders” the attack from the besieged Aleppo was dying out under wave after wave of air attacks and Syrian forces unquestionable resistance, more attack waves are expected at anytime though.
Not one hour later, after most of the Syrian and allied reinforcements were engaging the enemy, the terrorists offensive lines started to break down one by one. At that moment the Syrian forces and allies have managed to take most of the Artillery Base back and partially the Armament College. The battle continues fiercely with the terrorists losing momentum, most likely we will see few more multiple VBIEDs used to hold the Syrian and allied forces counter offensive, as well as maybe a 3rd wave of attacks during the night. At the moment the losses are unknown from both sides, though it is recognized that the terrorists have sustained a very heavy blow, both in fighters and hardware.
A long night ahead for the Syrians in Aleppo as the battle promises to continue non stop.
Map credit to Military Advisor @miladvisor, best representing the battle map at the time of this article

Since yesterday a major offensive has started aiming to liberate the key village of Kinsibba, during the day on Friday, the Shillif Castle was under control, while late at night the news arrived that the Desert Hawks, Sea Commandos, NDF and SAA have reportedly regained control of Qal’at Toubal, Wadi Basour and Talet Hussein, thus asserting fire control over Kinsibba. It is imperative to the allied forces to control Ain al Qantara when Kinsibba is liberated, or a counter attack is very likely.
Damascus: West Ghouta
In the past 3 days, some two square Kilometres were liberated inside Darayya, in what it seems the fastest advance in this dense urban area in the past 5 years. The terrorists inside Darayya have rejected surrendering and reconciliation a dozen times, and with limited food and ammo it seems the will continue to lose ground at the same pace.

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Syrian Army, allies foil offensive of 5000 mercenary-terrorists on southwest Aleppo ~ [Related: terrorist commanders meet in Gaziantep and Ankara to discuss Aleppo strategy]

Syrian Arab Army source
We can safely say it was the longest 5 hours yet of the Syrian War. So far the largest number of terrorists in a single attack around 5,000 terrorists belonging to 22 different terrorist groups coming from Idlib via Khan Touman attacked SAA’s positions in the Southwestern Countryside of Aleppo from 5 axes.
While terrorists under siege inside the Eastern side of Aleppo mobilized to attack the back of the defending troops against terrorists coming from Idlib.
Units of the Syrian Arab Army and allies maneuvered around the Artillery Academy. Anti-Armor units destroyed all terrorists suicide trucks before reaching their destination thus preventing terrorists from opening a hole in SAA’s defenses.
SyAAF and RuAF conducted non-stop airstrikes against advancing terrorists and their supply convoys. Also, conducted airstrikes near the SAA points at a very low altitude ~200 meters.
The terrorists’ attack was larger than the attack that captured Idlib and Jisr al-Shughour;
The Syrian Arab Army units and Allies foiled all the attacks successfully, and by the end terrorists tried to retreat toward Khan Touman under heavy SyAAF and RuAF fire.
More details of the battle will be posted in time; however, for now, we can only say: Heroes of the Artillery Academy, the 147th regiment, the 83rd battalion, the missile brigades, the anti-armor tank hunters, the republican guards, SyAAF intelligence operatives, tiger forces, and the list goes on: you are writing history, and creating victory.


Mercenary-terrorist commanders meet in Gaziantep and Ankara to discuss Aleppo strategy

“The gang members who seek to come up with a new strategy about the siege on Aleppo are holding meetings in Gaziantep and Ankara under the supervision of the MIT and the police units. The meeting in Gaziantep is still continuing at Hampton by Hilton. Drastic security measures have been taken around the hotel.”
source (in Turkish):
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Syrian Arab Army source
Source in Turkish
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