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In Loving Memory

[ Ed. note – One wonders if the Israelis might not have named their so-called “Hannibal Directive” after Hannibal Lecter. ]
On 1 August 2014 — a day Palestinians have come to know as Black Friday — the Israeli army initiated its deadliest act of butchery during its 51-day war on Gaza, bombing men, women and children in an effort to kill one of its own soldiers in Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost city.
Rafah’s streets were busy with residents emerging from shelter in anticipation of a 72-hour temporary truce set to begin at 8 a.m. that morning.
The ceasefire never took shape as clashes broke out between an Israeli army reconnaissance unit and Palestinian fighters, which led to the capture of Israeli soldier Lt. Hadar Goldin. Within the hour, Israeli forces initiated the Hannibal Directive, which authorizes the use of excessive force or devastating firepower to prevent the capture of a soldier by enemy forces.
According to Amnesty International, an Israeli military inquiry determined “more than 2,000 bombs, missiles and shells were fired during the entire day, including 1,000 in the three hours following the capture.
Killed Friday, August 1
Abdul-Malek Abdul-Salam al-Farra, 58, Khan Younis.
Osama Abdul-Malek al-Farra, 34, Khan Younis.
Emad Abdul-Hafeth al-Farra, 28, Khan Younis.
Awatef Ezzeddin al-Farra, 29, Khan Younis.
Mohammad Mahmoud al-Farra, 12, Khan Younis.
Lojein Bassem al-Farra, 4, Khan Younis.
Yara Abdul-Salam al-Farra, 8, Khan Younis.
Nadine Mahmoud al-Farra, Khan Younis.
Abdullah Awad al-Breem, Khan Younis.
Mohammad Suleiman al-Breem, Khan Younis.
Maisoun Ra’fat al-Breem, Khan Younis.
Raed Abdul-Latif al-Qarra, Khan Younis.
Sami Suleiman al-Madani, Khan Younis.
Husam Suleiman al-Madani, Khan Younis.
Ahmad Salim Abdin, Khan Younis.
Mohammad Ahmad Hamad, Khan Younis.
Mousa Hamad Abu ‘Amran, Khan Younis.
Hilal Eid Abu ‘Amran, Khan Younis.
Ismael Zuheir Mohammadein, 26, Khan Younis.
Maher Ja’far Hajjaj, 54, Khan Younis.
Ahmad Mohammad Hassanein, Gaza.
Basil Diab al-Basyouni.
Shadi Mohammad Jom’a Abu Daher, 29, Khan Younis.
Hasan Abdul-Majid al-Bayyoumi, Deir al-Balah.
Mohammad Reziq Hassanein, 20, Shuja’eyya, Gaza.
Ibrahim Sulayman Al-Masri, 50 yrs, Rafah.
Nadia Yousef Al-Masri, 45 years, Rafah.
Ibrahim Al-Masri, 6 years, Rafah.
Mohamed Anas Arafat, 4 months, Rafah.
Anas Ibrahim Hamad, 5 years, Rafah.
Sabri Shaykh Al-Eid, 35 years, Rafah.
Mohammed Khalid Al-Aloul, 30 years, Rafah.
Ibrahim Mostafa Ghaneem, Rafah.
Amna Azamaly, Rafah.
Yahya Abd Al-Karim Lafi, Rafah.
Musa Mohamed Abu Omran, Rafah.
Hilal Eid Abu Omran, Rafah.
Salama Mohamed Al-Zamaly, Rafah.
Nuha Jamal Abu Ziyada, Rafah.
Taiseer Ali Moamir’ , Rafah.
Hussein Salaam Al-Jaafari, Rafah.
Yousra Mohamed Abu Hazir, Rafah.
Ataf Hamad Al-Mahmoum, Rafah.
Mousa Ibrahim Abu Hazir, Rafah.
Ahmed Wisam Al-Abeed, 4 years, Central Gaza.
Souad Ali Al-Bahri, 60 years, Beit Lahia.
Samal Nail Al-Barawi, 8 months, Beit Lahia.
Osama Abdul-Malik Abu Mualla, 37 years, Nuseirat
Atif Sohail Kandil 24 years, Maghazi
Nihad Mohammed Yasin 24 years, Gaza City
Faiz Tareq Yassin 16 years, Gaza City
Hassan Ismail Yassin, 32 years old, Gaza City.
Ambulance officer Atef Zamili, Rafah.
pathologist Joseph Jameen Sheikh Eid, Rafah.
ambulance volunteer Yousef Jaber Drabiah, Rafah
Wajih Sha’ath, Khan Younis.
Fadi Al-Qawasmi , Khan Younis.
Ali Barbakh , Khan Younis.
Aseel Sha’ban Gheith, 3, Rafah.
Sufian Farouq Gheith, 35, Rafah.
Farouq Gheith, 65, Rafah.
Ahlam No’man Zo’rob, 18, Rafah.
Sabiha Zo’rob, 55, Rafah.
Amir Ra’fat Zo’rob, 7, Rafah.
Odai Ra’fat Zo’rob, 7, Rafah.
Rawan Nath’at Siyam, 12, Rafah.
Su’ad No’man Zo’rob, 34, Rafat.
Shahd Ra’fat Zo’rob, 10, Rafah.
Khaled Ra’fat Zo’rob, 8, Rafah.
Yousef Darbieh, 25, Rafah (Medic
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